The Writers

Amy Alfredson, Editor

Hi! I’m Amy Alfredson, a first year M.A. student studying English. My goals are to write and become an English teacher in order to foster a love of reading and writing in future generations. As someone greatly invested in the history and progress of literature, the forward movement of gender and sexuality issues is something I am deeply interested in. When I’m not reading or writing, I can be found playing for the Vandal Marching Band or sewing to prep for my next Comicon.

Katrina Arellano, Contributor

Hey there! My name is Katrina Arellano and I’m a Journalism and Mass Media student at the U of I. I study broadcasting and digital media along with sociology and women’s, gender and sexuality studies. Because I have experienced a diverse path and have studied others’ paths as well, I want to tell people’s stories while also advocating for peace on earth, especially around animal rights (human and non-human) and environmental protection. Some of my goals in life include encouraging others to speak out against injustice, and to live a life that matters to them without caring about negative judgments. This life may test us in random ways, but I want people to know we are all in this together.

Bailey Brockett, Contributor

Hello! I’m Bailey, a second-year English major with an emphasis in teaching. Writing has always been a major passion of mine, and I’m excited to share my thoughts, feelings, and opinions with you! I hope one day to travel everywhere and anywhere to teach everything I’m passionate about. I’m a raging feminist, a mediocre plant mom, and a major nerd. Interests of mine include watching movies, reading, journaling, adventuring, and ghost hunting.

Madison Chandler, Contributor

I am a senior at the University of Idaho studying Sociology. This is only my second year in Idaho, I first started at Florida State University. I really embraced my military brat roots and decided that four years in one location was too much for me, so I moved to Moscow after my sophomore year of college. I love traveling, painting landscapes and learning new things. This semester, I will focus on preparing for graduation and my future career plans. Will she join the Navy or will she continue on to a graduate program? We might never know…

Madeleine Clow, Contributor

I am a fourth-year English student at the University of Idaho, with an emphasis in Creative Writing. I am an active feminist and volunteer and am passionate about my work in social action. In my free time, I like to take naps with my cat, write poetry, go on hikes, and spend time with my friends. After I graduate, I plan on getting my MFA and publishing my own book of poems.


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