The Writers

CMarie Fuhrman, Editor

CMarie Fuhrman is an Indigenous daughter of the Rocky Mountains. Passionate about the wild and sacred, CMarie concentrates her writing and poetry on protecting cultural heritage, preserving open places, and remembering Native peoples. She is an advocate for Native Women’s Rights and Women’s Issues. She has won the Burns Award for Poetry from the University of Idaho, published in Metaphor, Juxtaprose, Cutthroat, and Taos Journal of Poetry. CMarie is currently enrolled in the MFA Program at the University of Idaho and lives in the high mountains of west central Idaho with her companion Caleb and their two dogs Cisco and Carhartt.

Lauren Orr, Contributor

Lauren Orr is a sophomore and a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority on campus majoring in Journalism and minoring in Psychology and English. She is a free spirit, a passionate writer and blogger, a music enthusiast, and hopes to be a voice for people who feel like they are voiceless.

Kali Nelson, Contributor

Kali Nelson is a first-year student studying Journalism and Environmental Science. She is on the University’s Quidditch team, and loves to knit and crochet when she has free time. She also binge-watches crime shows on Netflix. Kali enjoys reading and baking when she has any time left over. She also has a passion for genealogy research.

Tatiana Rodriguez, Contributor

Tatiana Rodriguez is a senior studying Public Relations with a double minor in Marketing and Spanish. She will be graduating in May and is considering living abroad for a year. She has a passion for sports and traveling, and is hoping to combine them in her career. In her free time, you can catch her sipping on coffee or watching “House of Cards” on Netflix.

Madelyn Starritt, Contributor

Madelyn Starritt is a senior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Communications. She loves the outdoors and exploring new places. Her favorite social media platforms are Pinterest and Instagram.  In her free time, she enjoys sewing/crafting, spending time with friends and family, and pursuing her passion for photography. She doesn’t know exactly what she will be doing after she graduates, but her dream job would be to get to travel as a photographer.

Olivia Comstock, Contributor

Olivia Comstock is a sophomore majoring in Philosophy and minoring in German and wants to pursue studies in Art History. She loves to read and can often be found drinking tea, reading philosophy and theory for fun. A lover of the outdoors, Olivia also enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, and anything in the dirt and sun.

valeria-ramirezValeria Ramirez, Contributor

Valeria Ramirez is a first-year student at U of I studying Political Science and English. She loves to hike and get lost in the nature. She also loves to spend her time drawing and creating things with her hands,while listening to music. When she’s not doing homework, she’s either watching American Horror Story or binge-watching John Oliver.

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