We are a collective of writers and photographers hoping to promote critical discussion on issues of gender and social justice. We want to highlight local and national events that are pertinent to these issues, encourage critical commentary, and engage with groups or community members that are seeking equity, with the intent of trying to understand how our community is connected to global social justice.

We cannot pretend to be unbiased. We examine most of these issues through a feminist lens. The opinions and thoughts presented do not necessarily reflect those of Women’s Center, but the author of each article alone. We will be accurate in our representations and not present opinions as facts.

We wish to interpret media that perpetuates social norms and establishes proscribed gender roles. We want to write critical assessments of media, to determine exactly how it constructs hegemonic norms or challenges them.

We value the representation of women and feminists. We cover events planned by the Women’s Center, and other diversity offices, and profile individuals or organizations that further women’s (and other marginalized groups’) place in our community and society at large.

We want to provide a platform for writers to communicate about these issues. Here, people can contribute opinion pieces to make their voice heard.

We want to inspire comments on our blog posts and communicate with our readers. We want discussion and critical analysis of our points of view. In revealing the fallibility of the media and society, we must accept our own fallibility. We welcome constructive critiques.

Our goal is to be a positive voice advocating for gender equity in our community.