You Don’t Own Me

Picture of singer Lesley Gore
Picture of Lesley Gore

By Brianna Love

I have a friend who has recently had an argument with her boyfriend.

You see, she was in a sorority a year before he joined a fraternity.

Before he joined a fraternity, the rule was that she couldn’t go to socials with fraternities since he wasn’t able to go with her.

Which she had no problem with, because he wasn’t going to socials at sororities without her. However, the week he pledged to a fraternity, the rules changed for him.

She still wasn’t allowed to go to fraternity socials, but he was allowed to go to sorority socials. This is when she wasn’t okay with the “rule.”

When she brought it to his attention, they argued for hours…

This is pretty typical in any relationship.

The male tends to set up double standards in the relationship. For example, a guy can go to a strip club and get a lap dance for his birthday, but God forbid a girl go to the bars with her friends to have a good time.

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I am a Feminist. Aren’t you?

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By Samragyee Gautam.

“Oh hey! You are so pretty, but why do you wear makeup?”, “You look so tired, didn’t you get enough time to get ready this morning?”, “You are too pretty to smoke”, “So why do you wear Red Lipstick?” I think most of us know where I am going with all these statements and questions. Most of us women are familiar with these phrases because we have had people talk to us about our make-up, clothing, and even the food we eat . . . frequently, even if it is none of their business.

And the word feminism is so stereotyped. There are some people who believe that feminism is not relevant in today’s world because women already have equal rights, and some even claim that they don’t want to be identified as a feminist because men have rights too. So after this semester of writing for the Women’s Center blog, I wanted to explain why feminism is still relevant and why we need it, even in present world. Continue reading “I am a Feminist. Aren’t you?”

Underrepresentation Nation

By Jolie Day

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“A woman’s place is in the House and the Senate”

The U.S. has a severe disparity of equal and diverse representation in our government. In 2016, women still only comprise 20% of the United States 114th congress. Women of color are even more underrepresented, making up only 6.2% of congress. We had yet to even have a woman win a major party bid for the presidency until Hillary Clinton did this year. This scarcity of women in our government has lead to an uphill battle for policies and laws that concern women’s issues, such as health care, the wage gap, abortion, and paid maternity leave. Now more than ever, it is important to understand the impact that representation has in our nation and take that knowledge to the polls for the upcoming elections. Continue reading “Underrepresentation Nation”

A Day in The Life…


By Rachel Krick

Imagine a world in which women were taller and stronger than you. And had a preconceived notion that they were smarter than you, too. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling obligated to apply different colored liquids and powders to your face, not because you love getting up extra early, but to be noticeable to women. Imagine going to the gym and spending your entire workout getting gawked at by sweaty, hormonal women breathing more heavily with every one of your squats. Attending class and having every woman ignore your existence until there’s a group project or test, and then every empty seat within a 6 foot radius has a female body in it, leaning in ever-so-closely to see the answers that you assumed were yours, and yours only.

Imagine your level of attractiveness being determined by the size of your penis. Or your ability to twerk your pecks in circular motions. Imagine getting texts after 2 am from drunk women asking to “come thru” or to let her “hit it,” because that’s so inviting. Picture listening to rap music, and hearing lyrics about women making all the money in the world, and men simply exist to practice their skills in the bedroom. What if lyrics and music videos only defined the type of body that women want, and the ways it must be able to move and shake in order to be considered sexy? Imagine if women thought only with their libidos, and lost any sort of filter they may have had when approaching you on the street, whispering crude remarks and staring at your crotch as you pass by.

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