Respect or Nothing

Woman in business dress holds up her hand in the "stop" motion
Unwanted attention is unwanted no matter what.

By Tess Fox

When I first got dressed for the day, I decided that I wasn’t going to settle for an old t-shirt under a sweatshirt. I traded the combo for a nice, navy blue shirt that made my hair look as red as Pippi Longstocking’s. It had a wide neckline that exposed my collar bones and a bit of chest (no boob action). A modest, simple, nice top. Something that is professional (because I was going to work), but not too dressy for a high school basketball game in Eastern Washington.

As a photographer for the local newspaper, I still want to look like a professional.

Before leaving for the game, I had that last minute thought of, “Am I sure I want to wear this?” Generally I wear a baggy sweatshirt and put my hair in a ponytail. I firmly told myself no. I looked and felt nice. That was all that mattered.

Besides, I’ll be working the whole time. High school basketball games are not a pick-up destination, not that I’m looking for that. I’m focused on getting “the shot.” Why does it matter what I wear?

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