I Don’t Want to Do It All

By Kate Ringer

She rises early while her husband stays in bed. She is naturally beautiful, but by the end of her morning routine, her hair and makeup are perfect. She’s wearing heels with her

Ivanka Trump is often seen as a woman who has a perfect work-life balance.

blazer and skirt, her hair in a sleek ponytail. When she wakes up the children, breakfast is already on the table, and the lunches are packed with a note written on each napkin. Once the kids are on the bus to school, she begins her workday as a marketing executive. She’s a cool girl, and she fits right into the corporate world of men. At 5:00, she picks up the children from their after-school camps, and soon enough a wonderful dinner is waiting for her family on the table. “Thanks, Dear,” her husband says as she does the dishes; he settles into a comfy armchair to watch tonight’s game. She helps the children with their homework, reads them a bedtime story, makes sure they’re washed, and tucks them into bed. Before she goes to bed, she finishes up the project that is due at work, applies her anti-aging cream, and makes love to her husband.

How many of us have dreamed of this life? It’s this ideal of being the perfect woman, it haunts you. I know that this is approximately what I pictured as I entered my teens and looked to adulthood. I know better now. I’ve always been an ambitious woman, but I don’t want to do it all.

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