5 Things to Know Before Dating a Feminist


As if the world doesn’t already judge women enough, we draw even more attention upon ourselves as feminists when it comes to being in romantic relationships. How can it be possible to be in a mindset of such extreme societal values and still be able to function with a partner? Well, that’s just it–ya can’t. Luckily, that is not what feminism is about. We want equality–not dominance, and this tends to work out great in dating and relationships.

I would be willing to put money on the idea that most realistic feminists who are in relationships experience higher levels of satisfaction than that of our non-feminist counterparts. We have different ideas about what a relationship should be which allows more room for creating positive energy. Continue reading “5 Things to Know Before Dating a Feminist”


Tips on Being a Healthy and Strong Individual

by Alicia Williams

In general, most women know how hard it is to eat healthily. We love chocolate and salty foods, especially when we’re depressed or bored. Most women know how to eat well; it is just having the confidence and motivation to do so. An article from Medical News Today, Freshman girls know how to eat healthy but need to develop strategies to use in difficult situations talks about women in college understanding what healthy eating involves, but not having the confidence to follow through. When it comes to combining fun and with the demands of a busy schedule, it’s sometimes hard to make healthy decisions. We’ve all been there, when we’re studying and don’t have time to make something healthy to eat, so we grab a bag of chips. And then there’s the weekend struggle, where going out with friends in the evenings and drinking alcohol sounds so much better than staying in. And it’s all fine, in moderation.

The article above references a study of 286 female college students and the effects of their decisions when it comes to healthy eating. The negative effects of “social pressure” were the same for normal weight and overweight women. Both groups are just as likely to make the same decisions in these situations. Most young women face the same kinds of challenges when leaving home for the first time, like trying to discover the person they want to be, figuring out how to be independent, and not having parents there to tell them what to do.  The article also mentions how most women don’t get enough calcium in their daily diets. “Women optimize bone mass when they’re about 18 years old so we’re talking about an important time for them to be consuming calcium,” says Karen Chapman-Novakofski, a U of I Professor of Nutrition. College women don’t seem to have a hard time opting for low-fat meals, but don’t realize that they also need more calcium in their diets to help them stay healthy.

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