Love, Don’t Shame Your Body

A drawing of nine women of various body sizes standing together in their undergarments. Each woman has a letter painted on her stomach, which together it spells "beautiful." Art by Isaiah Stephens
All Body Types Are Beautiful

By Brianna Love

Body positivity is a serious problem among women. It doesn’t matter what size a woman is. It’s almost a guarantee that she is self-conscious about her body. Recently, our culture has turned away from “fat-shaming” and focused on “skinny-shaming.”

Why do we care so much about what other women’s bodies look like?

I think it goes back to the basics of bullying. I will put you down to make myself feel better. We let our own insecurities affect the way we treat others, and it’s time to put that tendency to an end.

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SINGLE on Valentine’s Day

v picture for blog

By Beatrice Santiago


So here is the thing…

I am single and loving it!!

I don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate this Valentine’s day. Instead I will be celebrating this year’s Valentine’s with two of my closest friends I have made since coming to college. How are we celebrating? By getting a piercing and watching our favorite show. Insert smiling emoji here * We also are probably getting or making dinner at the end the day and, of course, do some more homework. What is a life of a college student without some homework? I am content with that. I get to be with my little family away from home.

I am also celebrating my self-love.

Because, what is better than showing some love to myself? I don’t need anyone by my side telling how me how much they love me when I got me. To all my single ladies out there–put your hands up! You’re amazing! Remind yourself that you are hardworking, beautiful, and capable of doing anything–All on your own!! Look at yourself in the mirror and just look at how beautiful you are.

Because, you are your own person. There is no one quite like you. So unique. That is what makes you beautiful. Therefore, on this special day I will be pampering myself. Which will probably consist of: face masks, a shopping spree (on a budget), and reading a chapter of a book I have just started. Small things like this can make a Valentine’s day pretty perfect. I don’t necessarily think it has to be something expensive or out of this world to make Valentine’s Day very special.

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A Day In The Life Of A Married College Girl

By: Madelyn Starritt

I am a busy girl, I go to school full time, have a job and a husband. I have a routine, a set schedule for what I do most days of the week but it is almost always go, go, go, rush on to the next thing I have to do and then go home and take a nap. I never actually take a minute and think about the things I get to experience in a day or how it makes me feel, so welcome to my journey! I have decided to document a day in my week to actually think about the things I do and feel and I’m bringing you all with me. Welcome to my Thursday complete with pictures and descriptions.

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Stronger Without Them

My ultimate vice is a good f**k boy who’s going to treat me like shit when I know I deserve better. I love then picking myself up and going for someone who has lower self-esteem than I do. It’s a deadly cycle that I have found myself repeating for quite sometime now. But for almost a year, I have given myself some time to think, and have realized why I love it so much. Continue reading “Stronger Without Them”

Are Your Looks Grade A?


By Jessica Bovee 

Looks matter. The media often covers the discrimination against race or gender, but attractiveness is rarely addressed. However, it’s a problem now, because the pretty people are benefiting. Not only are people holding the door for them, but now they are receiving the better grades and jobs.

Whether it’s at school or at work, people deemed more beautiful are getting the upper-hand in life simply based on their genetics. We may think teachers wouldn’t discriminate based on their students’ attractiveness, but one recently released study proves this unjust phenomenon.

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Don’t Let Your Looks Define YOU…


If you were to do a Google search for “man + magazine cover” as well as “woman + magazine cover” the very first image that pops up on both is not the least bit surprising. The man is handsomely clad in a business suit and tie, while the woman is none the less beautiful, but wearing something a little less…professional. Now ask yourself, why is that? Why does the magazine cover of the woman depict her sexuality more than it depicts her as a person aside from her sexuality? Of course the first answer most people will come up with is that sex sells. As true as that may be, why do women more often have their bodies define them? Why is there such a pressure on women to have the body of a runway model? Continue reading “Don’t Let Your Looks Define YOU…”

This Body


By Ashley Centers

You say
This body is a temple
And to treat it well
Because this life
It’s the only one we’ve got
But baby’s fat bracelets
And thunder thighs
Never melted away
When she started walking.
And I’ve stopped wishing
For these heavy legs
To work like they should.

You’d remind me that real
Movement happens within
And to not be in such a hurry
Because maybe there’s a reason
This body is broken. My blue mind
Sometimes forgets that karma
Takes time to work itself out.
I just can’t see how
I’m supposed to love something
That has never been the source
Of anything good in my life.