The Added Benefits of Traveling

By Mikayla E. Sievers

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about traveling. Traveling is something that opens our eyes to new ideas and ways of life. Last summer, I took a trip to Iceland. I saw lots of wonderful sights and met some marvelous people, but one person helped me pursue an academic dream I had: presenting at a university in England. I am so fortunate that I met Dr. Carrie Crisp. Dr. Crisp is a professor of ethics in Texas. She introduced me to the Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies and encouraged me to apply. I submitted my abstract and received the acceptance email the first day of this semester. I was ecstatic and thrilled to share my work with religious scholars from around the world. The Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies occurred during UI’s Dead Week.

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“They Became Known as Sikhs”

By Mikayla E. Sievers

Many people in the United States do not know about the religion Sikhism. Its followers, Sikhs, have made significant contributions to the US and have been a part of this country for decades. This religion has great perspectives to offer. I want to write about this religion because it is not always well-understood in the US. As I share my experiences with Sikhism, I want to recognize that my examination of this religion comes from my lens of growing up in a Judeo-Christian society. I was not raised Sikh, and my article does not represent all Sikhs and their respective thoughts. That said, I highly admire this religion and have close connections to some Sikhs, including my boyfriend.

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Join Us at the Women’s Center…

By Mikayla Sievers

The author on top of a volcano in Iceland

During my six years at the University of Idaho, I have enjoyed the hospitality offered by the Women’s Center. The complimentary coffee and tea, couches, and library create a welcoming presence for all students, faculty, staff, and other university personnel. We are fortunate to have access to this space on campus. I wrote for the Women’s Center blog as an undergraduate student and am delighted to be editing the blog as a graduate student.

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