Love or Livelihood: Women’s Choice?


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“Please excuse me as a take a little time off to create life”


I was recently sitting in one of my Journalism and Mass Media courses “interviewing” one of the female faculty here on campus who is a professor in the JAMM major, and something struck me as she spoke. During the “interview,” she spoke about the fact that female journalists find it hard to get ahead in the industry not only because of sexism within it, but also because being successful as a journalist while also having a family is extremely difficult. She said that because it’s incredibly difficult to be a journalist and report on breaking news if you have children that need to be taken care of and can’t travel freely. Now, since I want to be a successful journalist while also having a family, this concerned me. It made me think that there is the possibility that I will have to give up one for the other. Continue reading “Love or Livelihood: Women’s Choice?”


Paid Maternity Leave Still Not Available


By Jessica Bovee

We love our mothers because of all they do for us, but what are our mothers getting back? It’s not accommodations. It’s another call to come back to work.

American women are not given paid leave after child birth. They are expected to return back to work as soon as they can. You may be thinking that there is a system for women to take time off of work, and you’re right. There is a law called the Family and Medical Leave Act that allows for 12 weeks of unpaid medical leave. However, the companies must have more than 50 employees, and you have to have worked there for 12 months, along with other requirements.

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Bundles of Joy!

Let’s say you’re settled in a great career, you have an amazing significant other, and you two have decided to start a family. Things keep getting better when you have the ultrasound appointment and find out you’re having a little boy!

Heart shaped hands of pregnant woman and her husband

You’re now overjoyed that you can begin looking at all of the toy trucks and little boy toys with your friends. The months pass on and the morning sickness as well. You begin to look like you actually have a tiny human growing inside of you, and then you deliver a beautiful, healthy baby. babyinofficeThe only thing you have left to face is the issue of maternity leave from that “great” career you have; the only issue is that you aren’t guaranteed to be paid. How will you ever manage to support yourself, your spouse, and a new baby with only one working parent? Continue reading “Bundles of Joy!”

Women, CEOs and Professions

Following my daily routine, I checked my email after arriving home from class. I saw the UI Career Center sent out an invitation to their “Slice of Advice” workshop called “Why Are There So Few Women CEOs?” Immediately, I wanted to attend this program.

The title of this workshop grabbed my attention. Why are there so few women CEOs? Many of my classes from economics to Latin American literature discuss this topic. The answers vary.

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