The “Girls Only” Guide to the University of Idaho

By Madison Griffin

Stress and depression is not a women’s only issue. After a lifetime raised on Cathy comics in the Sunday paper, I feel the need to say that the posterchild for depression is not a woman eating ice cream alone and watching “chick flicks” on Netflix.

Despite what we’ve been told women don’t get depression more often than men. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Anita Chatigny, women are just more willing to report symptoms of depression. Studies show that physicians (both men and women) are also more likely to diagnose their female patients with depression than their male patients exhibiting the same symptoms.

With that caveat—yes men experience depression too—I’d like to focus on a major symptom (and cause) of depression:

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Though women and men both experience depression, women and gender-nonconforming students are more likely to feel isolated on campus.

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