What are Gender Studies??

742-womens-and-gender-studiesWhile walking through the commons the other day I overheard two guys discussing what they thought about the University of Idaho’s Women’s and Gender Studies program. The snippets I heard were “why should we have to study women and more than we already do on a daily basis?” along with “why isn’t there a men’s gender studies program?” Both of these statements first made me giggle, and then made me wonder why there is a lack of knowledge about what the Women’s and Gender Studies program really is. First of all, if these men could actually have intelligent aa4803db58d2756241c64e08993eda151f1a0ce781c09dae0ab70ef5ee15782fconversations with women, they wouldn’t have to “study” them creepily from across the room. And second, there is a “men’s studies” program…it’s called history. It doesn’t take more than a simple Google search to see that this field is dedicated to both men and women, gender and sexuality, social history, health, and so much more. I can see why some wouldn’t find these topics especially compelling or important, and that they might see them as a waste of time since they may not completely align with their major, but what happened to being well rounded? Continue reading “What are Gender Studies??”