By Kali Nelson

A woman with a big piece of cardboard.
My friend with a piece of cardboard.

As my time here on the blog dwindles down, I would like to write once again about a topic near and dear to my heart. Girl friendships. This post may sound a lot like a post I wrote earlier about Galantine’s day. But it is not, this time I want to focus on how sometimes the media does not know how to get a girl friendship right.

Three friends standing on a dock looking at the camera. There is a lake behind them.
My friends Brooke and Sierra and I.

The friendship between women is something else. I cannot quite encapsulate the feelings that I have for my friends, or how they have helped me in more ways than I can even count. But my girlfriends are my rocks, they are my best friends, I cannot think of life without them.  While there can be bad friendships that cause more harm than good, there are also friendships that enrich lives and make life so much better.

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I Like Things That Look Like Mistakes: Frances Ha Film Review

Frances and Sophie

“I should sleep in my own bed,” says Frances, her face shadowed and obscured in a dark room.

“Why?” Another woman is next to her in bed, distracted by the light of her laptop.

“Because I bought it.”

“Stay,” says the woman. Frances smiles. “But take your socks off.” Continue reading “I Like Things That Look Like Mistakes: Frances Ha Film Review”

The Smallest Summer

By Emily Alexander

The Palouse

The apartment my friends live in that summer is hot and thick, the air lazy, even the cars driving in from the empty nearby country roads seem slow. They don’t own a vacuum, but we lay on the carpet anyway, sit up with crumbs sticking to the backs of our arms. There are better and worse things ahead and behind us, so summer stretches on easily. It isn’t a space we need to fill, so we allow whole days to pass without acknowledging them. Continue reading “The Smallest Summer”

Why Women Have A Hard Time Making Friends

There are far more articles out there suggesting that women make friends easier than men, and though in the adult life of an American man I cannot even begin to address the would-be difficulties of forming new, solid relationships, I am here to suggest that, at all stages of life, women are at a social and inherent disadvantage when it comes to making friends.

Not only are women in a natural competition to secure the man of their choosing, but society also suggests that any female that poses a threat should have her confidence undermined and reputation tarnished. So, instead of women forming intimate friendships with both males and females that would enrich her life with support and love, she is left with a habit of crushing the spirits of prospective friends for fear of scaring off any potential mates.   Continue reading “Why Women Have A Hard Time Making Friends”