We Are At a Moment of Great Challenge But Great Opportunity

By Sierra Rothermich

Shirin Ebadi


Role models


We should take the time to hear the stories of strong women that exemplify the power individuals have to change the world.

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi, is one of them. She speaks about the role of women in world peace. Ebadi and all female judges in Iran were dismissed after the Islamic Revolution, because women were forbidden from passing judgment. She became a defense lawyer for human rights. Ebadi was exiled from Iran. The government put her family in prison and took her property in order to silence her.

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Feminism is For Everyone!

Women’s rights are human rights. This is a concept women have been fighting for, and continuously have to keep fighting for today. The Women’s March that happened nationwide on January 21, 2017, drew a crowd of supporters— supporters for equality. However, I noticed quite an influx of “male feminist” showing support for their significant other, mother, or friend.

Working at Cafe Artista in the heart of downtown Moscow, Idaho I had the privilege of watching and serving those who marched. While I loved reading the signs and discreetly murmuring “f*ck Donald Trump” under my breath to patrons, I was in awe of how many men I saw. These men were here to show support for their community and equal counterparts.

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Debunking Antifeminism

All this talk about feminism gaining popularity, empowering women all across the globe, the advocacy of equality…it sounds great, right? Well, unsurprisingly enough, there are always the select few who don’t jump on board. The notion of antifeminism is becoming more prevalent than I would have ever thought possible. It is paradoxical for a woman to be antifeminist. It is voting Republican when you are for women’s rights, it is a person of color in the Ku Klux Klan, and it is a woman saying she does not value herself enough to fight for equality. As a feminist, I feel obligated to debunk some of the more popular ideas circulating about antifeminism. Continue reading “Debunking Antifeminism”

Why More Millenial Feminists are Staying Single

indepenent woman

It is no secret that the feminist movement is gaining more followers each and every day. Something else that we cannot ignore is the growing number of women in the millennial generation who are choosing to stay single (this post focuses on women in the United States). I firmly believe that these two are interrelated. Through recent statistics, common logic, and personal experience, I would like to discuss how the feminist movement has had an impact on the number of single millennial women. Continue reading “Why More Millenial Feminists are Staying Single”

The Male Feminist Paradox


The concept of male feminism seems almost oxymoronic at first. Being an openly-feminist woman is something that is becoming more accepted by people all over the world and especially in the western hemisphere, but one thing in particular that the western hemisphere boasts is its number of growing male feminists. I would speculate that the reason behind this is partly due to cultural differences and the role that males play in Middle Eastern countries. North and South America appear to be more accepting of feminism and many men are joining the movement. However, the emerging number of male feminists have brought along with them a string of controversy. I’ll be honest—I had to go bra-less and blast Kelly Clarkson for an hour to get my creative juices flowing in preparation of this post. I still have mixed feelings about male feminists, but I’d like to introduce some of my guileless thoughts here. Continue reading “The Male Feminist Paradox”

The Other F-Word


by Jenna McDaniel

The “F-Word Live!” poetry slam held at the University of Idaho last week on Thursday, November 6th was a huge success, featuring a number of local spoken word artists performing original poetry. Spoken word is a form of interactive poetry that expresses social commentary in a performance-like presentation. The event highlighted the skills of many different activists, feminists, and poets, and showcased their personal opinions and perspectives on current equality between men and women.

This was the first poetry slam I had ever attended, and I absolutely loved it! All of the performances were spectacular and blew me away. What captured me the most was how each poem was so easy for me to relate to. At this event, I found emotions within me that I didn’t know I had for such controversial topics. It showed me that it’s okay to express how I feel, and to soak in the expressions of others. I loved the “Mmm-hmm,” “Hell yeah!” and snapping and clapping by audience members when they agreed with something said in a poem. It made me feel so good to see the satisfaction the poets experienced while performing their poems with such whole-hearted passion. It was as if the poets were releasing pent-up feelings that came from somewhere deep inside them, and when they were vocalized, the persuasion hit me, and their words took me with them.

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