Three Feminist Punk Bands You Need to Check Out

By Stephanie Sampson

Members of Pussy Riot, a feminist Russian punk rock band

Feminist Punk is a feminist movement that originally started in the 1990’s in the Pacific Northwest that combines women empowerment, punk music and politics. This genre is inspiring women all over the world to express themselves.

Emma May from Scene Reports said that over the past couple of years, as groups like indie-pop heartthrobs Death Cab for Cutie and the bearded Fleet Foxes have mostly disbanded, the members of Seattle’s most-renowned alternative bands have shifted from primarily sad-white-dudes-in-flannel to women in outspokenly feminist bands.

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The Fight for Education

Live and Let Live 2
By Cassie Hammerly

The bright white shirt of a school uniform. The crisp pleats of a skirt. Shelves full of books. A dream of school.” The documentary Girl Rising illuminates the fight for the education of girls in developing countries. The stories of girls like Wadley, Suma, Azmera, Amina, and many others show the perseverance that endures in spite of overwhelming circumstances. These girls exist in countries where their sex has predetermined their future. In order to access an education, they must fight against cultural norms to show the world that educating a girl is one of the best investments the world can make.

Girl Rising begins with the story of Wadley, an eight year-old from Port au Prince, Haiti. Wadley attended school regularly until January 12, 2010. The earthquake that hit Haiti that day left her village and many others in ruins. For Wadley, this meant there was no longer money to attend school. Wandering through the remains of her village, she saw a makeshift classroom where her former classmates (the ones whose families could still afford an education), had gathered for school. Wadley sat among her classmates, ready to learn. In spite of being told to leave, Wadley came back every day and insisted on learning.

Girls who go to school see benefits beyond education. It can mean safety, a healthier life, and a sense of community. Every year of education a girl receives increases her future earning power by 10 to 20 percent. Girls who receive an education are more likely to marry later, have fewer children and as a result, less complications from childbirth. Every year, 287,000 women die in childbirth. For Wadley, insisting on an education is a conscious decision to lead a better life. Continue reading “The Fight for Education”