Remember more than one month a year

By Kali Nelson

As Thanksgiving has come and passed, we are left with little of November left and with Donald Trump popping up at a Navajo veterans event at the White House on Monday to talk about Pocahontas, who was in fact not Navajo.

But today, in honor of Native American Heritage month coming to a close, I want to talk about Native American environmental groups. There are two in particular that I am going to highlight, though there are actually several of them. While they are not directly feminist, it is my belief that feminism and environmentalism are linked and I am using the platform I have to share information about a topic I see little coverage of.  Environmentalism and feminism can be linked in the way they are used to help further each other’s campaigns. One example is Honor the Earth, they had a campaign a few years ago to fight sexual assault of native women. They fought this by fighting the man camps that pop up around new oil drill sights. Continue reading “Remember more than one month a year”

An Open Letter to a Florida Anti-abortion Activist

By Stephanie Sampson

at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA.
At the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA.

A Florida State Subcommittee heard a testimony from an anti-abortion activist last week that made many Americans cringe. The activist insisted that “white culture” is being destroyed because white women are “outside the home, not having babies.”  The activist was expressing his support for HB 865 which would make abortion completely illegal in Florida except when pregnancy threatens a woman’s life or if two physicians certify in writing that the pregnancy interferes with the treatment of an already life threatening disease

I am here today to address this activist’s testimony. Here is how I feel about your so-called testimony:

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The Other F-Word


by Jenna McDaniel

The “F-Word Live!” poetry slam held at the University of Idaho last week on Thursday, November 6th was a huge success, featuring a number of local spoken word artists performing original poetry. Spoken word is a form of interactive poetry that expresses social commentary in a performance-like presentation. The event highlighted the skills of many different activists, feminists, and poets, and showcased their personal opinions and perspectives on current equality between men and women.

This was the first poetry slam I had ever attended, and I absolutely loved it! All of the performances were spectacular and blew me away. What captured me the most was how each poem was so easy for me to relate to. At this event, I found emotions within me that I didn’t know I had for such controversial topics. It showed me that it’s okay to express how I feel, and to soak in the expressions of others. I loved the “Mmm-hmm,” “Hell yeah!” and snapping and clapping by audience members when they agreed with something said in a poem. It made me feel so good to see the satisfaction the poets experienced while performing their poems with such whole-hearted passion. It was as if the poets were releasing pent-up feelings that came from somewhere deep inside them, and when they were vocalized, the persuasion hit me, and their words took me with them.

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