The Pressure of Perfection

A female college graduate of Bryn Mawr College

By Samragyee Gautam

Growing up, many of us have some kind of fantasy/concerns  about what kind of student we want to be in college. Whether you are a man or a woman, that transition from high school to college can be challenging, especially because of all the expectations from parents, family, and society in general. Presently for a girl born in 21st century, the scenario is even more complicated. Because the way women are seen or expected to be seen is changing. But whatever the case is, no matter the time, there has always been a pressure for girls.  A Pressure for Perfection.

Men have a lot of pressure to deal with as well. I am not saying they are free of responsibilities, but I would argue that men are comparatively more privileged than most of the females out there. This can affect the learning environment for women in college campuses. From the pressure of having the best grades to rocking the perfect outfit, most of us girls have some common insecurities. But should I call it our insecurity? Or maybe, it an attempt to gain some kind of validation from men or even other women in general! Continue reading “The Pressure of Perfection”


We need to talk about Earth


By Kali Nelson

Let’s take a moment to think about all the problems the US is facing today. We have wildfires consuming the Pacific Northwest, Montana, and California. Hurricane Harvey is flooding Texas and Hurricane Irma nearing Florida. The whole country either needs water or it has too much, and that’s only in the US. Here in Moscow, where I live, there’s so much smoke in the air that we are now at a hazardous air quality. The world has become a gray haze outside my windows. I can’t enjoy the breeze at night or else I risk waking up in a cloud of smoke and hurting my cat’s lungs.

I can’t help but wonder if  we need to take a step back and think about the impact we have on our planet. Maybe we need to have a serious and grown up conversation about climate change. Continue reading “We need to talk about Earth”

Professional Cheerleading: The Reality Behind The Pom-Poms

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders welcoming players to the field.

By Lindsey Heflin

“I quickly found out that the hardest part of professional cheerleading isn’t learning the eight counts, high kicks, or whatever cheesy dance move we were being taught. It was always looking perfect.”

According to an anonymous, past NFL cheerleader who posted an article in November of 2017, the life of an NFL cheerleader isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, being an NFL cheerleader has been deemed one of the most physically and mentally exhausting experiences by past cheerleaders.

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The Celebrity Makeup Line with a Purpose

A closeup up of Rihanna wearing makeup up from her new line, Fenty Beauty. The words "Fenty Beauty by Rihanna" are over her face.
Popstar Rihanna just released an inclusive, empowering makeup line for every womxn.

By Rachel (Rosemary) Anderson

If you’re located on the UI Moscow campus, you may have noticed a beautiful orange beacon pop up in the Palouse Mall nearby. For some, it can be described as a place where dreams come true, where the colors of eyeshadows are just as flashy as the employee’s smiles. For those whose art is makeup and a face their canvas, the new Ulta has been a godsend.

Scampering down the aisles filled with brands ranging from those commonly found in Rite Aid to those found at New York Fashion Week, I noticed a common theme: unless your skin happens to be porcelain, eggshell, snow, or milky cloud white, there’s not much for you.

Only a handful of brands create foundations and other beauty products in deeper shades. Even if a makeup line does come in deeper shades, it’s often difficult to find them in stores. If you’re a womxn with a dark skintone, it’s nearly impossible to make a quick run to Ulta and get color-matched.

For some womxn, going to a beauty store is as miraculous as finding religion. For womxn of color, makeup stores perpetuate Eurocentric beauty standards and colorism.

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Silence and Oppression

Sign of Princess Leia from Star Wars that reads, "A woman's place is in the resistance."


The election of 2016 was an incredibly trying time for people of all political parties, friendships, and families. Although difficult for me as well, I was very vocal about my opinions especially through social media. Social media is one of the most prominent and available platforms to share information, current events, and even political discourse. During that time though many people avoided social media. The stress of the election was a great one to bear for sure. I did feel, however, that it was important for me to explain why this election was so important and why I feared the possible outcomes for the next four years.

Meanwhile, I had many people tell me that they unfollowed me or stayed off social media or refused to discuss opinions between people. Of course, I understand that some conversations will lead nowhere, but no conversation at all will also lead nowhere. There is a balance there that naturally comes with judgement. Even after the election is long past many people continue to stay silent on issues that are held very close to my heart as well as many others. While I understand wholly the seemingly unnecessary stress talking about politics may have on a relationship of any kind, I still find my heart dropping when people tell me they don’t talk about politics. This is because politics is a lot more than just that. “Politics” entail the livelihood and safety of ourselves and those around us, politics are healthcare and reproductive rights and environmental concerns and politics concern so many different life’s and families. If politics don’t affect you, they will affect someone you know and may care about.

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Conservation and Feminism: Not Mutually Exclusive?

A photo of the Earth from space, a large blue marble on a black background
                      A picture of the Earth from Apollo 17

By Kali Nelson

Last semester I wrote a post about Ecofeminism. It was tied to the idea that women and nature are linked and that for women to be free, nature must also be free. Today I wantto go more in depth with that idea.

Where did Ecofeminism come from?

Ecofeminism came into its modern state in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s in an academic setting. Ecofeminism could be found mostly in the academic world for most of the seventies and then in the eighties, ecofeminism became for prevalent outside of the academic world. It is very popular in India, where the Chipko movement exists, this movement was for the protection of forests against deforestation. The term was coined in 1974 by French feminist Françoise d’Eaubonne and combines the ideas of gender equality, of nonpatriarchal and nonlinear structures, and of the world that respects organic processes.

The main book that I used as a base for much of my last post was called Healing the Wounds: The Promise of Ecofeminism which is a collection of essays edited by Judith Plant. It was published in 1989. There are more recently published books on this subject, the most recent one I can find being published in 2014. Although I am very certain that there are more recent books.

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Becoming a Sun Goddess

Cadet Berreth smiling in Service Dress
Cadet Berreth in Service Dress
Cadet Berreth looking fierce as a Cadet Training Assistant
Cadet Berreth as a Cadet Training Assistant

By Lindsey Heflin

Out of all the career paths in the United States Air Force, there is no occupation more coveted than that of an Air Force Pilot. For many, the ‘road to wings’ is one of hardship and individuals face more defeat than success, because becoming a “Sun God” is no small undertaking.

In order to become a pilot in the Air Force, one must first be offered a pilot slot. In order to be given a slot, a candidate must complete the following six categories: Commander’s Ranking, GPA, Physical Fitness Test, Field Training, the Pilot Candidate Selection Method and the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test. All the scores are then combined to form an “order of merit” numeric score and then the candidates are chosen by ranking.

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