Boom boom I wanna have fair recruitment

Every member in a sorority must endure some sort of recruitment process in order to be chosen and accepted into the sisterhood. Just like in the movies, formal recruitment is portrayed as an angelic, easy, week-long emotional journey, only the reality of the situation is torturous. For those of you who steered away from sorority life, formal recruitment is a seven-to-ten-day long process where the potential new member must visit each house every day and slowly but surely, narrow down to just one house. Every day of recruitment requires a new outfit, a new game face, freshly polished nails, highlighted hair, it feels superficial in the moment but it is just a part of the process. The potential new members (pnms) are guided by their recruitment counselors every step of the way, reminding them of their personal values and college aspirations. These recruitment counselors go through thorough training in their spring semesters and during parts of the summer in order to be good advocates and support systems for the women going through recruitment. These pnms walk through the doors of each sorority house, vying for a sacred bid to their sisterhood. Day by day, these pnms are chosen and hand-picked from the sea of women and narrowed down until all of the spots are filled. It is an emotional journey on the outside and once the sister is in the house, recruitment on the other side is even more involved, but we won’t get into that. 

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The Added Benefits of Traveling

By Mikayla E. Sievers

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about traveling. Traveling is something that opens our eyes to new ideas and ways of life. Last summer, I took a trip to Iceland. I saw lots of wonderful sights and met some marvelous people, but one person helped me pursue an academic dream I had: presenting at a university in England. I am so fortunate that I met Dr. Carrie Crisp. Dr. Crisp is a professor of ethics in Texas. She introduced me to the Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies and encouraged me to apply. I submitted my abstract and received the acceptance email the first day of this semester. I was ecstatic and thrilled to share my work with religious scholars from around the world. The Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies occurred during UI’s Dead Week.

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Dress Codes in the Workplace


This topic isn’t something I’ve thought about much, mostly because dress codes haven’t affected me in my current work setting, and so the issue hasn’t bothered me for a few years now. But my friend, who is studying bio-chemistry on the east coast, recently asked my opinion on something. My friend has large breasts, she works out, and overall is a pretty stellar human being who happens to be gorgeous on top of it all. One day in the lab, it was very warm, as it sometimes is in lab settings, so before putting on her lab coat and getting to work, she took off her long-sleeved shirt to reveal the tank top she was wearing underneath. She thought she was in a professional setting.

She quickly realized that she was not.

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Compulsory Heterosexuality and the Lesbian Continuum

By: Madeleine Clow

I began research for a presentation I was going to give in my Queer Literature class taught by Toby Wray, here at the University of Idaho, when I came across the concept of compulsory heterosexuality. Once researching further into the subject, I found it originated from an author, Adrienne Rich, who first developed the theory of

A double Venus represents lesbianism

compulsory heterosexuality. What is compulsory heterosexuality? In literal terms: compulsory, meaning required or obligatory, and heterosexuality, referring to sexual relationships with the opposite sex.


Adrienne Rich as a young writer

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Inspiration by Impact: A Highlight of Three Modern Female Musicians

three female musicians framed alongside one another
Left to Right: Liz Harris, Quay Dash, Kelly Moran

By Remington Jensen

For decades the work of female musicians has been undermined by the work of their male counterparts, yet in the 90s, 00s and now the 10s that will soon move into the 20s the music industry — and music as a whole — is straying away from an ongoing landscape that has been long dominated by men. The transition however could not be possible without forward thinking and passionate musicians, and in this article I have decided to take note of a few of these creative female producers that to me are pioneering this changing battleground of sound!

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Travel: Belong Among the Wildflowers

By Mikayla E. Sievers

As we approach the end of the semester, we begin to study for final exams, write papers, and complete class projects. Afterwards, some may plan to travel during the winter vacation. Traveling serves as a way to de-stress from school, open the mind to new ways of thinking, cure the soul, and participate in a cultural exchange. Traveling is fun, but It is important to remember to be cautious and safe. Anyone traveling should be aware of their surroundings, keep valuables either locked up or close, and have a plan of action in case something bad or unexpected happens.

Preparation is key to having a successful journey. I found it helpful to consult online resources about traveling as well as talking to people when I first began to travel. Online resources can also provide ideas about activities to participate in, the food, nightlife, and other details to know about the destination. I will share three online resources that I find helpful.

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Trans Rights Are Human Rights

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