What More Can Rihanna Do For You?

A photo of Rihanna’s signature

By Delaney Hopen 

Rihanna, the Barbados-born talented artist is no longer just providing you jams that make you want to sing your heart out, but has captured our eyes with Fenty makeup. Rihanna is a 30 year old singer who began her career in 2003 at the age of 15. She is known best for songs like “Umbrella,” “Dn’t Stop the Music,” “Disturbia,” and “Work” (ft. Drake.)

Rihanna started off as a young artist and made a huge splash. She bleeds positivity, and carries herself so confidently. No wonder so many big brand names want to capitalize on her name. As many can remember, she was a victim of domestic violence by another R/B Hip-Hop artist–Chris Brown. However, Brown and Rihanna’s history is not the story you think of when you hear her name.

A photo of rapper Chris Brown

Rihanna has been a political advocate for the youth and culture of children in her home country of Barbados. Her voice has the power to be heard all across the world, and she has been known to use it with grace, confidence, and kindness. She joined Puma to create a shoe line wear. She created iconic Fenty slides with faux fur that were the hottest trend of 2016.

Make up ad for all brunette ladies

In addition to her political advocacy and shoe line, Rihanna’s latest project was her beauty line. On of the largest reasons Rihanna wanted to start this makeup and beauty line was foundation. Throughout history, fashion and beauty trends have been all over the board. From being fair-skinned to having a sun-kissed tan. Being a white girl (who can get pretty tan in the summer) I have had no problem finding makeup to match my skin tone. But, Rihanna is the one who thought about everybody else.

The unfortunate truth behind some makeup companies is that they still don’t have products for the girl with a yellow undertone, or a pink undertone. For example, Clinique brand makeup only has a handful of foundation colors. I know this because I have fair-skinned friends who cannot use their products.

The Fenty Beauty line has 40 different shades for every skin tone to try out and find their correct color. These products have received rave reviews, and are something that you can tell Rihanna cares about. She does “meet and greets” with the buyers, discusses the products and their quality, while wearing her own make up.

She also has created a new product not necessarily popular in the beauty world called Body Lava. Fenty’s Body Lava is like highlight for your shoulders, collar bones, and chest, to help sharpen the key points of your body.

A photo of Rihanna modeling clothes

Now that Rihanna has successfully killed the music industry and the beauty industry, she is looking ahead to another potential future in the fashion world. She has always been a style icon, but now she wants to let all the ladies know: “Your body is beautiful too!”

Yes! It is true! Bad girl Riri is starting her own lingerie line!

With the body positivity movement of being “thick,” Rihanna was a role model. She embraced her natural body and received some hate on Twitter before the movement had really gotten going. Ri is always able to make trends happen better than anyone else.  She is a key driver of culture.

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie line drops on May 10th. Not only can we expect absolute bada** styles, but her sizes now reach up to 44DDD. When I say Rihanna’s got everybody taken care of, I mean it. She currently has a countdown on her website for the opening day and a section to register early for emails, updates. You can also register for your cup and panty size.

Now that Rihanna has your:





                                                        and confidence…

                                                                                       looking good and fresh!


“What is next for Rihanna?”




The Taboos of Tattoos

A Victorian woman with tattoos from neck to toe
Circus woman La Belle Irene

By Chloe Rigg 


Whether you think they’re trashy or artwork, they’ve been a part of society practically since the beginning. Historically, women aren’t shown as having tattoos, but they have become less taboo since the late 19th century. In 1882, the first American tattooed women, Nora Hildebrandt started an exhibit displaying her neck to toe tattoos with a reported 365 different tattoo designs. Thankfully, today’s tattooing practices aren’t quite as painful as a single needle (not attached to a machine) being driven under the skin a single pin prick at a time.

Today, tattoos aren’t exclusively for sailors or gutsy women.

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Survivors’ Hope


A white sign with the text, "we believe you"
A sign from a rape survivor rally

By Chloe Rigg

“Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo’”

(To strike the woman is to strike the rock.)

These are words from a South African protest song written in the 1950’s. Throughout history individuals have been struck physically and emotionally, but society never focuses on the strength it takes these survivors to get back on their feet and become “the rock.” Survivors of sexual assault (women or men) have plenty of horror stories to tell. But, they also have a lot of inspiring, hopeful stories highlighting how one copes and comes through to the other side of these events. I am here to share some of their stories.

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Everyone’s Responsibility

Logo for the University of Idaho that says "University of Idaho in gold lettering
U of I logo

By Brianna Love

It’s no secret that there is a lot of drama on the University of Idaho campus right now.  Students are protesting. Students are irritated. Students want their voices to be heard and they want a say in how they are treated on this campus. Things are starting to heat up, and if the students don’t get their way, it may become an even bigger issue.

If you’ve been keeping up with the UI Women’s Center blog, then you already know about the drama surrounding Rob Spear and how the university is handling it. If you are confused, here is a basic rundown:

About five years ago, a female swimmer for the University of Idaho reported sexual assault allegations against a football player to the Athletic Director, Rob Spear. Spear decided to not report it to the Dean of Students Office and claimed because the assault happened off campus, there was nothing he could do to help her. It wasn’t until the female athlete went to the UI Women’s Center that the Dean of Students Office was informed. To this day, Rob Spear is still the athletic director at U of I and has only apologized this year due to pressure from the media. Groups of students have voiced their opinions and signed petitions  stating that they want Spear fired.

There is obviously more to the story; however, this is what is causing all the ruckus on campus.

The issue is not necessarily with the university itself. When it was reported to the Dean of Students Office, things were sort of taken care of. The issue is also not with the athletic department as a whole. The issue is with Rob Spear and why the university has not terminated his employment after 5 years.

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Advertising? Or Objectification?

Advertisement for "Van Gogh of Wheat Fields and Clouded Skies" with one of Gogh's landscapes as the background
Advertisement for “Van Gogh of Wheat Fields and Clouded Skies”

By Chloe Rigg

A picture speaks a thousand words.

 A Van Gogh piece might suggest, “warmth, radiance, summer.” While a piece by Salvador Dali could conjure up, “surreal, strange, unimaginable.” Now, what thousand words are recalled by this:

An advertisement for Skyy Vodka depicting a man standing over a woman on a beach
An advertisement for Skyy Vodka

For one, it takes a couple of looks to even tell what product is being advertised. And second, I think more than a thousand words could go along with this picture. And they aren’t as radiant as a Van Gogh painting.

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A Demonstration of Strength

By Delaney Hopen

With the recent release of the article regarding a poorly-handled sexual harassment and abuse case in the University of Idaho athletic department 5 years ago, I wanted to take the time to pay my dues to the survivors.

To be a survivor takes courage. To walk the halls of university buildings where you could potentially see an individual who had stolen your sense of safety. To be a woman who has stepped up and admitted that something went wrong is revolutionary. We can’t sit back and watch anymore.

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Gender, the Animal Kingdom, and Science

Diagram of Haeckel's Evolution of Man depicting a tree with several levels of species leading up to man
Diagram of Haeckel’s Evolution of Man

By Chloe Rigg

Think of lessons you might learn from a standard dad. These lessons may have included: sports, barbequing, or hunting. Personally, one of the most memorable lessons from my father was the importance of science. One thing I know for sure is to trust a scientist. Chemistry, physics, biology, or astrology might come to mind when thinking of scientific topics. One topic that isn’t usually associated with science is gender. However, science applies to everything. Therefore, looking at gender through a scientific lens can give a new perspective that can lead to answers and better understanding.

Depending on how long ago you took a high school biology class, you might remember that XX or XY stand for chromosomes. Specifically, chromosome pairs related to gender: XX=girl, XY=boy. On the most rudimentary level, XX or XY might be enough. But, gender is too expansive and comprehensive of a topic to be defined by simple chromosomes.


Biological gender and identity in the world around us breaks boundaries and dives way beyond a simple X or Y.

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