What More Can Rihanna Do For You?

A photo of Rihanna’s signature

By Delaney Hopen 

Rihanna, the Barbados-born talented artist is no longer just providing you jams that make you want to sing your heart out, but has captured our eyes with Fenty makeup. Rihanna is a 30 year old singer who began her career in 2003 at the age of 15. She is known best for songs like “Umbrella,” “Dn’t Stop the Music,” “Disturbia,” and “Work” (ft. Drake.)

Rihanna started off as a young artist and made a huge splash. She bleeds positivity, and carries herself so confidently. No wonder so many big brand names want to capitalize on her name. As many can remember, she was a victim of domestic violence by another R/B Hip-Hop artist–Chris Brown. However, Brown and Rihanna’s history is not the story you think of when you hear her name.

A photo of rapper Chris Brown

Rihanna has been a political advocate for the youth and culture of children in her home country of Barbados. Her voice has the power to be heard all across the world, and she has been known to use it with grace, confidence, and kindness. She joined Puma to create a shoe line wear. She created iconic Fenty slides with faux fur that were the hottest trend of 2016.

Make up ad for all brunette ladies

In addition to her political advocacy and shoe line, Rihanna’s latest project was her beauty line. On of the largest reasons Rihanna wanted to start this makeup and beauty line was foundation. Throughout history, fashion and beauty trends have been all over the board. From being fair-skinned to having a sun-kissed tan. Being a white girl (who can get pretty tan in the summer) I have had no problem finding makeup to match my skin tone. But, Rihanna is the one who thought about everybody else.

The unfortunate truth behind some makeup companies is that they still don’t have products for the girl with a yellow undertone, or a pink undertone. For example, Clinique brand makeup only has a handful of foundation colors. I know this because I have fair-skinned friends who cannot use their products.

The Fenty Beauty line has 40 different shades for every skin tone to try out and find their correct color. These products have received rave reviews, and are something that you can tell Rihanna cares about. She does “meet and greets” with the buyers, discusses the products and their quality, while wearing her own make up.

She also has created a new product not necessarily popular in the beauty world called Body Lava. Fenty’s Body Lava is like highlight for your shoulders, collar bones, and chest, to help sharpen the key points of your body.

A photo of Rihanna modeling clothes

Now that Rihanna has successfully killed the music industry and the beauty industry, she is looking ahead to another potential future in the fashion world. She has always been a style icon, but now she wants to let all the ladies know: “Your body is beautiful too!”

Yes! It is true! Bad girl Riri is starting her own lingerie line!

With the body positivity movement of being “thick,” Rihanna was a role model. She embraced her natural body and received some hate on Twitter before the movement had really gotten going. Ri is always able to make trends happen better than anyone else.  She is a key driver of culture.

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie line drops on May 10th. Not only can we expect absolute bada** styles, but her sizes now reach up to 44DDD. When I say Rihanna’s got everybody taken care of, I mean it. She currently has a countdown on her website for the opening day and a section to register early for emails, updates. You can also register for your cup and panty size.

Now that Rihanna has your:





                                                        and confidence…

                                                                                       looking good and fresh!


“What is next for Rihanna?”




The Taboos of Tattoos

A Victorian woman with tattoos from neck to toe
Circus woman La Belle Irene

By Chloe Rigg 


Whether you think they’re trashy or artwork, they’ve been a part of society practically since the beginning. Historically, women aren’t shown as having tattoos, but they have become less taboo since the late 19th century. In 1882, the first American tattooed women, Nora Hildebrandt started an exhibit displaying her neck to toe tattoos with a reported 365 different tattoo designs. Thankfully, today’s tattooing practices aren’t quite as painful as a single needle (not attached to a machine) being driven under the skin a single pin prick at a time.

Today, tattoos aren’t exclusively for sailors or gutsy women.

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Women Can Express Their Sexuality Too

A picture of a burlesque showgirl wearing a sequenced pink and silver lingerie outfit and holding pink feathers.
A Burlesque Showgirl

By Brianna Love

(Content Warning: Sexual Activities are discussed in this post.)


As a young woman, I am faced with the question…

Am I “allowed” to express my sexuality in the way that men typically do?

It is traditional for men to be very open about their sex life and for women to be conservative. This tradition is not necessarily bad, as long as it is a personal choice without societal pressures.

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Witches Exposed

Three colonial girls cowering from witch
An illustration depicting Tituba, an accused witch

By Chloe Rigg


A term which brings similar images to many peoples’ minds. Usually, it’s the image of a green faced, wart-covered crone who rides a broomstick with a malicious cackle. Other images include colonial witch trials, and a young woman being burned at the stake. The history behind witch trials are certainly dark and full of fear. We can learn astonishing trends in society when one asks the question: “Were the witch trials a form of gender bias?” The perspective I’m going to discuss is that the “witches” in the witch trial were an excuse to execute women for sin.

The Salem Massachusetts witch trials took place between 1692-93. During them, over 200 people were accused and 20 were executed for witchcraft. 20 people might not sound too overwhelming. However, for a village of only 500-600 people, the deaths would have impacted most citizens. This American witch trial mirrors the European “witchcraft craze” driven by Puritans, who for almost 300 years executed over ten thousand people. The majority executed were women for suspected witchcraft.

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You Don’t Own Me

Picture of singer Lesley Gore
Picture of Lesley Gore

By Brianna Love

I have a friend who has recently had an argument with her boyfriend.

You see, she was in a sorority a year before he joined a fraternity.

Before he joined a fraternity, the rule was that she couldn’t go to socials with fraternities since he wasn’t able to go with her.

Which she had no problem with, because he wasn’t going to socials at sororities without her. However, the week he pledged to a fraternity, the rules changed for him.

She still wasn’t allowed to go to fraternity socials, but he was allowed to go to sorority socials. This is when she wasn’t okay with the “rule.”

When she brought it to his attention, they argued for hours…

This is pretty typical in any relationship.

The male tends to set up double standards in the relationship. For example, a guy can go to a strip club and get a lap dance for his birthday, but God forbid a girl go to the bars with her friends to have a good time.

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How I Can Help (And Not Hinder)

By Dave Eubank 

A picture of a learning curve

I have learned a lot since beginning my stint this semester as Editor of the Women’s Center Blog. This position has put me in contact with many strong, intelligent, kind, and patient, Feminist women.

I place extra emphasis on patient.


Because, I have been on a learning curve, so to speak. I have been getting an education about Feminism and how to interact and exist in this world. I have also been proven wrong. A bunch. Consequently, I have done and said things that were offensive to my feminine colleagues and friends. Patience, on their part, has been valuable to me as I stumbled along.

I spent some time trying to muddle through things on my own. Eventually, I decided to reach out and ask some of these women for their opinions/input regarding two areas:

  1. “What does a Feminist need from a male ally?”
  2. “How can males help in the struggle against Rape Culture?”


Here is what I found out…

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Schools & Gender Inequality

An illustration of a little boy playing with a toy car and a little girl playing with a doll.
Gender Stereotype

By Brianna Love

I had just started my junior year of high school. It was my first year in a public school, for I had been practically raised in a private Christian school. Due to the fact that I went to a private school, I had always worn school uniforms. Therefore, I didn’t know what was “acceptable clothing” to wear at public schools. I had worn a tank top, ripped jeans, and flip flops. It was nothing I would consider “sexy.” I didn’t think it was distracting. However, the campus security stopped me on my way to class. They took me to their office and said that the tank top was a violation of dress code and I had the option to: (1) call a parent and wait for them to bring me something else to wear, (2) spend the rest of the day in their office, or (3) have a parent take me home. That didn’t seem fair to me. My education was being inhibited because my shoulders were “too distracting” to the men in my classes.

Ever since then, the question haunts me…

Why is there a double standard between males and females when it comes to dress code?

This was a big issue for me because the reason behind the rule that they gave to me was that it “distracts the male students from their education.”

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