Luchemos por la paz en Venezuela

The country of Venezuela is in a state of crisis. People are dying and crime rates have skyrocketed. The country remains on the U.S. no-fly list and Humans Rights Watch list due to the political state in the country and its threat to national security. Severe shortages of medicines, medical supplies, and food have been increasing since 2014, the year after President Chavez passed away. Venezuela used to be rich in oil and was South America’s richest economy. But under the power of Present Nicolás Maduro, inflation has made it difficult to live, causing mass protests in the streets.

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Cruelty-free Makeup

By: Tatiana Rodriguez

There are two things in this world that I hold near to my heart— outside of family and friends. Those two items are makeup and animals. I love stepping into Ulta and admiring the beautiful clean glow, women of all ages trying on new colors, and the store always split between drugstore and high-end products. I don’t wear it often, but I love applying it and feeling more confident in myself after.

As of recently, I have learned the term “cruelty-free makeup.” Prior to researching I had never put too much thought into how makeup was made, the standards used to put it on the market, or where it had come from. I had never thought that some of my favorite brands tested on animals before putting the product onto the market.


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Let’s Talk About D.C

By: Tatiana Rodriguez

During the year of 2017 over a dozen black and Latina girls have gone missing in Washington D.C, but media outlets are not covering this issue. According to Times online, these girls went missing between March 19 and March 24. Social media outlets, like Twitter, quickly picked up the story and spread like wildfire. Social media users critiqued police for their lack of outcry for these missing girls.
I have seen these photographs of the young girls all over my twitter feed and have seen celebrities like Gabriel Union and Chrissy Teigen retweet stories and question why there hasn’t been much done to find these girls.

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My Old Pals, Ana & Mia.

National Eating Disorder Awareness week, NEDA for short, was from February 26th to March 4th, and aimed to spotlight eating disorders and provide life-saving resources to those who need it. It’s time to talk about eating disorders and the many gripping holds it has on people’s lives.

From excessively counting calories or straight up purging yourself, eating disorders are terrifying and quickly overwhelm your life. Health should come from within.
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An Evolving Feminist.

By: Tatiana Rodriguez

We live in a strange time. To have your own opinion seems to be a reason to cause a fight. Regardless of political stance or opinion, everyone seems as if their opinion is the best and there can’t be any other way. With feminism, I know plenty of women who support the fight for equality, as well as woman who claim they don’t need feminism in their life. As much as that argument kills me and I want to shake them, I can’t. I can only listen as to why they feel that way.

Being a feminist can mean an array of things. To me it means equality, equality for all regardless of race, gender, or religion. Being of equal value to the person standing next to you, and if need be, being viewed as greater if you excel in areas better than they can.

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Feminism is For Everyone!

Women’s rights are human rights. This is a concept women have been fighting for, and continuously have to keep fighting for today. The Women’s March that happened nationwide on January 21, 2017, drew a crowd of supporters— supporters for equality. However, I noticed quite an influx of “male feminist” showing support for their significant other, mother, or friend.

Working at Cafe Artista in the heart of downtown Moscow, Idaho I had the privilege of watching and serving those who marched. While I loved reading the signs and discreetly murmuring “f*ck Donald Trump” under my breath to patrons, I was in awe of how many men I saw. These men were here to show support for their community and equal counterparts.

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Vagina Love

By Tatiana Rodriguez

For some reason, I have always been afraid of feminism. I always thought of it as a burning bra type of movement. I can remember my freshman year associating the Women’s Center with that far-fetched idea. Same with “The Vagina Monologues.” I never went to a show all throughout my collegiate career because I was scared how it would look if I was buying tickets for a show with “vagina” in the title. I was always scared of what other people thought of me.

Another reason I never went was because I always had to work and was never done with work until 8 or 9 pm. Now in my senior year, with a new outlook on feminism and being a woman, I have no excuse to miss this show. Going in, I’m not quite sure what to expect, so this post is a two part. It has both my ideas before and after attending the show.

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