Feminist Artists


In response to listening to rap music, artist Brianna Suslovic said, “On one hand, I found myself spitting lyrics and pop-lock-dropping to the beats. On the other hand, I took personal offense when my favorite artists chose to glorify misogyny and homophobia.”

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The Lowest Golden Apple: Part 3


This is the third and final part to the short story. Again, this story is told in reverse.  

July 22

The boning of her bag released from the wear and tear of the days spent wandering through the baked goods at the farmer’s market. Rich sauces and jellies rest at the bottom. The sides are still damp from the apricot chutney that spilt out the week before. She pushes the items aside and leans into a nearby bench in a park. She had bought honey comb and free-range eggs from a farmer who throws in a cluster of honey suckle for her each Wednesday. They always banter about reality television and their lack of interest in politics.

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The Lowest Golden Apple: Part 2


This is the second part to the short story, and the ending will be unveiled tomorrow. The order of the story is still a backwards timeline.

September 8

She asks the class to simmer down as the students fumble around for desks in the heat of the first day. The pencils and books clamor with backpacks lining the back wall. One boy files in with a worn pot fostering a full calendula stretching higher than the accompanying lamp on her desk. He hurriedly runs to his desk before she has time to thank him, and she soaks in the smells whilst gingerly rubbing the petals over with her fingers.

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The Lowest Golden Apple: Part 1


This story is the first part to a series that will be revealed each day, for the next three. The story’s chronology moves backwards, and please return tomorrow for what happens next.

November 16 

She dressed the brimming apples with buttery lattice-works and cinnamon. Her thumbs smoothed the dough into the edges of the pan as she cooled her breathing. Her lip quivered when she rounded the edges and waited for the other baked goods to finish in the oven.

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What Women Create


Feminist Artists Then and Now

By Jessica Bovee 

All of us have painted a picture or done our best to make a space look better than when we found it. We might hesitate to call what we create art; however, we can’t let such ideas have control over our actions.

Women have been creating art for a myriad of reasons, but art from the past century has been made with a more specific purpose. Women have been working to change the status quo and fighting for gender parity and the diminishment of stereotypes in various ways, art being one of them.

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What does it Mean to be a Woman?


By Jessica Bovee

This question has been creeping into my mind time and time again. I wanted to hear from the women in my life and understand what it truly means to be a woman. At what stage in our lives does this become more apparent? It’s important to ask these questions when so much of what a woman is or should be has been in question for so long. We should create our own ideas of what it means to be a woman as opposed to being told what we are. As you will see, the answers vary from person to person.

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How to Care for a Woman


By Jessica Bovee 

2078: You are frail, and your pain washes away as does your breath. Your daughter kisses your worn forehead. A great grandchild grabs your hand and tells you a story about how she won her track meet, and how she beat every girl and boy there. You tell her that’s because she’s strong, just like her grandma.

Water levels rise after the poles melt.

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