Ways to Give Around the Holidays


This is my last article for the Women’s Center since I will soon be graduating, and I hope it does some good. As the holidays roll around, everywhere there are places to give. The Salvation Army will have its buckets out, local churches will collect donations to help people in need, and many giving trees and winter coat donation boxes will be seen around town. What I want to focus this article on are places on the Palouse that need things for women and for the children that they may have. Toys are always appreciated, but what about warm clothes, clean blankets, shoes, razors, deodorant, or tampons? These are not often things people think about, and to people who may be down on their luck, they can make all  the difference.

The first place I explored was Family Promise of the Palouse, which aims to give all families a safe home they can go to. They have an online wish list with this statement: “The following items are utilized daily at FPP’s family day center, along with being distributed amongst the families in a move-out basket upon graduating our program. Having basic and necessary items help our families gain the confidence they need to look for employment, housing, as well as provide stability and a safe a living space crucial to their stay. Family Promise would be most appreciative for any donations or supply drives.”

Their wish list is online here and in addition to clothing and food items, it also includes basic medical supplies and home supplies that people may need.

Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse provides 24-hour emergency and supportive services to family and sexual violence victims and survivors and their children. Services are available for concerned, supportive family members, friends and community members. They have a list of shelter needs which can be found here. They also need volunteers to help care for and about the people coming to them. You can email them if you would like to work with them and volunteer.

Sojourners Alliance also needs support. Their website states, “Our mission is to confront the barriers that lead to hunger, homelessness and poverty through direct intervention with those in need by providing a safe and comfortable living environment while receiving intensive case management.” Their wish list can be found here.

Another org

The last organization immediately in Moscow that I would like to highlight is Planned Parenthood in Pullman, which assists women and people in the LGBT+ community by providing medical assistance that they may need, condoms, birth control, transitioning support, and so much more. They help people find homes when they have been displaced by family or others, and have informed people around the world about women’s health, changing how it and ultimately women are perceived not just as reproductive, weak creatures, but as people whose needs are different from men’s and whose sexual and reproductive health especially needs to be taken seriously. This organization asks for funding so that it can keep making its services and reproductive health products available, but as students you can also donate your time to volunteer at events. A great resource for this is the Generation Action Students at UI.

Another way to donate across the Palouse, though it isn’t quite as local is the Alternative Giving Market. This organization has been steadily growing in the Palouse for nine years and works with sixty-five different charities in order to “give residents of the Palouse meaningful alternatives to holiday gift giving and opportunities to support local nonprofits. We strive to enhance community well-being and sustainability through celebrating personal charity and community partnerships.” Online, they primarily raise funds and gather volunteers but they connect with so many different charities and people that they end up doing a lot of good for the Moscow community so if you would like to donate or can volunteer they can be reached at there website. They also host a live event which supports local artist and charities of the Moscow community this Thursday, December 6, 2018 where you can shop the Market from four to eight p.m. at the 1912 Center. They will also be at Moscow’s winter market on December 8 which is also at the 1912 center.

If you have any questions, or would like to provide anything for individuals and families struggling on the Palouse, these are all places in Moscow, and all places that you can contact nearly anytime via email or phone call. You can also get in touch with the Women’s Center on campus for more opportunities to get involved.

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