A Day In The Life Of A Married College Girl

By: Madelyn Starritt

I am a busy girl, I go to school full time, have a job and a husband. I have a routine, a set schedule for what I do most days of the week but it is almost always go, go, go, rush on to the next thing I have to do and then go home and take a nap. I never actually take a minute and think about the things I get to experience in a day or how it makes me feel, so welcome to my journey! I have decided to document a day in my week to actually think about the things I do and feel and I’m bringing you all with me. Welcome to my Thursday complete with pictures and descriptions.

A girl doing homework on her computer at the kitchen table

8 AM: Wake up to my alarm and immediately turn it off so it doesn’t wake up my
husband, give him a kiss on the forehead and go work on my homework I need to finish before class. I don’t always leave my homework until the morning of, but sometimes I have a few things to finish up.

8:50 AM: My homework took longer than expected so I don’t have time to start the pot roast I want to make for dinner. I write out instructions instead for my husband to start later. I start a pot of coffee and go to get dressed and ready for my day.

a girl standing in front of the mirror

9AM: I check the weather to see what I need to wear for the day. This usually doesn’t matter because we tend to get all four seasons in a day no matter what the forecast says. As I stand in front of the mirror in my pajamas trying to decide what to wear, I start to notice all the things about my body I don’t like. My cellulite, all the places hair grows that I don’t want it to, my hairy armpits that I gave up shaving because I could never get them perfectly smooth. After changing my shirt because I didn’t like how my belly was sticking out, I am ready to conquer the day.


9:10 AM: I go in the bathroom to brush my hair and do my makeup but am running out of time so I decide to skip the makeup today. I feel somewhat gross by having my natural skin exposed but I will forget about that in a few hours when I am busy at school. My husband is up by now drinking the coffee I made this morning and I ask him if he’s ready to go.

a picture of an open door

9:15 AM: We are out the door! I grab my backpack I just threw all my school stuff and lunch into and tell him to walk out the door with me but he’s just standing there giving me this look that makes my heart melt. He tells me he thinks I look beautiful and I blush and feel giddy and thank him for the compliment but a little part of me wonders if he is just saying that because I am his wife or if he really means it. Of course, he actually means what he says, I married a wonderful and genuine man but the insecurities and doubts that society has taught me to think about myself my entire life aren’t easily forgotten. We hop in the car to go to school!

9:21 AM: We get to my building, I give him a kiss and hug, we say “I love you”, and I rush off to my first class.

9:30-12:15: I have two classes right after one another. My first class went a few minutes over, yet again, so I have to rush to my next building to get to class on time. I get there just on time and when class is over it is time for my break. I usually go have lunch with my husband because he works on campus but since he has today off I go spend my break in the library. I find an individual study pod to call home for the next hour and a half and am disgusted as soon as I sit down. The cushioned seat is warm which just means someone was there before me for some time but for some reason that unexpected warm seat just feels weird. I get over it and get out my computer and lunch. I start my computer and pull up the homework I need to get done and then start on my lunch.

some notebooks near a computer

12:30-1:40: I eat, work on homework, and scroll through Instagram more than I should to fill the time before my next class. I remember my husband texted me while I was in class so I reply to his questions about dinner and as it gets closer to class time I look at the syllabus to see what we are doing today. At about 1:40 I pack up my stuff and start the short walk over to my building.

1:47: I get to my building and take a deep breath to prepare myself for the journey up the three flights of stairs to my classroom.

1:50: I make it to class, breathless, sweating, and tired from the stairs. A whole semester and you’d think I’d get used to it by now. I take a deep breath before going in the classroom so I don’t look totally out of shape. I get to my seat, get situated and chat with my friends until class starts.

2-3:15: Class is over and I chit chat with my friend as we walk to her apartment on campus. She goes home and I call my husband to come pick me up but he doesn’t answer so I figure he’s taking a nap and decide to walk home on this sunny afternoon. On my walk, I go past a group of guys gathered on the sidewalk, this shouldn’t be a big deal, they are just people. However, I suddenly felt very aware of the fact that I was walking alone and incredibly intimidated even though it’s a sunny afternoon. They scoot over to let me pass and I keep my head down, not looking at any of them as I walk by.

a picture of feet walking

3:30: I try to open the door quietly when I get home but I still wake him up from his nap and reassure my husband that the 10-minute trek from school to home was not a big deal. He still feels bad for falling asleep instead of picking me up and I tell him to get over it because it wasn’t a big deal.

3:30-4:30: I have an hour to relax before I have to go to work so I plop on the couch and talk to my husband about each of our days. After this I scroll through social media and skip over several news stories that I’m tired of seeing and some funny pictures. I also see my stepdad share a link. A link comparing abortion rights to a man’s right to eat junk food like they are the same thing. It stated that if women want to have the right to have an abortion then others should have the right to eat junk food without it being taxed because they want to put that in their body and “my body, my choice”. This fills me with sadness that not just people but my own family don’t understand issues like abortion all that well and would devalue it by sharing something like this.

a photo of facebook on a cell phone

4:30: I complain about having to get ready for work even though I love my job. I’m just tired and want to take a nap. I get ready for work, say goodbye to my husband, and head out.

4:50: I get to work and am happily greeted by my manager. I am relieved to see that I actually work with other girls in this shift. I am usually the only girl when I work other days of the week and I am treated with respect and no differently than anyone else but still feel outnumbered on those days.

6:30: I get to go home! My shift is from 5-8 but it was slow so I got to go home early. I surprise my husband by coming home early and get to sit down again. I was planning to do some homework but I didn’t have anything immediate to get done and was tired from the long day so I decide to watch Netflix and do my homework over the weekend.

Netflix open on a TV

7 PM: my mom calls me so I stop my show to talk to her. I don’t get to see her often since we live in different states so it’s always nice to get to talk to her on the phone.  Once I am done talking to my mom we have dinner and watch some TV together.

9PM: I am completely wore out and start to fall asleep on the couch so I head to bed for the night!


It was really interesting to document what I did for a day and actually think about how things impact and affect me. It was also refreshing to slow down through my busy day and actually think about what I am doing and feeling instead of just rushing through it. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my day and have inspired you to pay attention to what you do and feel through the day. I have always considered myself a confident person but writing down my thoughts helped me realize my insecurities I don’t necessarily acknowledge. If you log your own day let me know what you find out about yourself!



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