An Evolving Feminist.

By: Tatiana Rodriguez

We live in a strange time. To have your own opinion seems to be a reason to cause a fight. Regardless of political stance or opinion, everyone seems as if their opinion is the best and there can’t be any other way. With feminism, I know plenty of women who support the fight for equality, as well as woman who claim they don’t need feminism in their life. As much as that argument kills me and I want to shake them, I can’t. I can only listen as to why they feel that way.

Being a feminist can mean an array of things. To me it means equality, equality for all regardless of race, gender, or religion. Being of equal value to the person standing next to you, and if need be, being viewed as greater if you excel in areas better than they can.

I call myself an evolving feminists because my ideas and opinions are constantly changing, which has been constantly happening in our society. Normalities have been evolving and when history looks back, time periods are often viewed as wrong or we say “how can they do something like that?” People have come a long way from segregation and closing people into small boxes with small minded views. I believe that a woman can have it all if she wants to. Keyword: want. A woman can have a successful career in a male dominated world, she can be paid the same for the exact same work as her counterpart, she can wear makeup if she wants, do her nails, become a mother, marry, travel, etc., whatever their desires are without the permission of male influence. She can also hold leadership positions without being referred to as a ‘bitch’  or ‘hormonal’ when making authoritative decisions. 

Society also likes to shame women for wanting to be sexual or wearing revealing clothing. Who. F*cking. Cares. It’s not your body, it’s mine. If I want to show off my boobs, wear tight clothes, and thigh highs, I damn well will.  It’s about my choice and you have the choice to do your own thing. I am a feminist who loves to wear comfy clothing and no make up during they day. For ladies night at the Corner Club,  I love the whole process of getting ready to go out. Including doing my hair, make up, and full outfit done to heels. 

Post four-wheeling while camping on the St. Joe River.

 I  also love being outside, getting dirty, and riding my horses. I come from a small country town and there is nothing I love more than getting down and dirty. I grew up riding and showing horses and when I quit showing, my mom and still continued to trail ride. I love getting riding four wheelers in the backwoods and getting as dirty possible. I support anything that requires getting your hands in the dirty, even though I don’t have much of a green thumb.


I love being a woman and all the different aspects that come with it. I love being able to be able provide for myself, go to school full time, and have a career as more than a secretary. However, there are women who want nothing more than to be a stay at home mom. Thats okay too. It’s all about having a choice; as long as no one else is telling you how to act. I encourage being able to “act like a woman,” whatever that means to each person. I reject the notion that girls must wear pink and can only worry about trivial things like if boys like them, and that they can only play with barbies. When I was younger I remember playing with monster trucks and Bratz Dolls. In second grade I went through a phase where I only shopped in the boys department, and for Christmas I even asked for boxers. I’m still a tomboy but I love to dress up. I also love being able to have my own opinions about politics!

Being an evolving feminists means understanding and accepting that there are different thoughts about how people view feminism. Everything is evolving and it is our responsibility to keep our values and beliefs, but also remain open to other challenging opinions. That is how we evolve as a society and accept things that are greater than our selves.


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