The Broken American Dream

By Valeria Ramirez

Our skin does not reflect a statistic,

Nor does it mean that we need critics,

Our skin is what hard work looks like,

Hours in the burning sun where our backs are down into the fields alike,

Why can’t you see the hurt that you bring,

Thousands marched toward the same thing,

Our families came and sacrifice their way for a better life,

Instead, we’re treated with hate, malice, and strife,

Build walls is what the country needs,

Without us, no one will pick what you feed,

Go back to your country is what you say,

But America wasn’t built that way,

It wasn’t built to rip children away from their mother’s arms,

(But it does)

It wasn’t built to build barriers between our borders,

(But it does)

It wasn’t built to cause fear and hate towards diversity,

(But it does)

We are not “Bad Hombres” or “Rapists”,

We are Mothers,

We are Migrants,

We are Fathers,

We are Sons and Daughters,

Even though we are not citizens,

We are Americans,

Somos Americanos,

And nothing is going to change that.


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