Changing The World One Period At A Time

This is a photo of underwear, tampons, and pads
Photo: Madelyn Starritt


By: Madelyn Starritt

Products for people with periods, Thinx is a company based in NYC that makes underwear to wear during menstruation. They sell these period panties to women who want them and provide period products to girls who need them.

Co-founded by the CEO Miki Agrawal, Thinx started in 2014 to break the period taboo. They offer an online store that sells period panties (underwear to wear while menstruating) and other period products. They also work with afripads for every pair sold to provide affordable, reusable pads to girls in developing countries.

They offer six styles of underwear, merchandise like hats with grapefruit on them, and a T-shirt that says “real menstruating human” on the front. Cotton tampons with a reusable applicator are also offered along with their leotard and unitard that was released Valentine’s Day.

The underwear is made to wear during your period as an aide for or to replace tampons, pads, or whatever product you might use. The tampon applicator was recently announced and will be available to purchase in March was created to help reduce waste. According to the website 7 million plastic tampon applicators end up in landfills every year so the RETA (Reusable Tampon Applicator) is to help reduce that waste. Their organic tampons will also be available in March. The leotard and unitard are active wear that work like the underwear and are made to wear during your period.

The products also have a sixty-day guarantee where you get refunded if they don’t work for you. I have only tried the underwear and love them. If you want to know more about them check out my review.

In a video, Agrawal explains the struggle of participating in sports while on your period, especially for dancers. She says that sometimes a tampon can fall out while dancing and can make it difficult in general to perform because of a period. The unitard and leotard are meant to alleviate some of these problems for dancers contributing to the progress for women not to be held back by their period.

Another new part of Thinx is the Thinx Foundation. Launched in January 2017 the foundation provides global outreach to girls going through puberty. Their goal is to provide safe spaces for girls where they can receive women’s health education, menstrual products, and are taught about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and self-defense. It is a six-month curriculum these girls would go through and at the end they receive cash to start their own business.

For every pair of Thinx underwear sold, the company funds a pair of reusable pads to be made for girls in need. Similar to a buy one give one model but with a twist. This is where their partnership with afripads comes in, the company that makes the reusable pads Thinx funds. Thinx funds a pair of pads which gives a girl a job at afripads making them and then a girl who needs period products buys them at an affordable price.

Afripads is a company that makes reusable menstrual products. These are pads that are affordable and ecofriendly. The pads last for over a year and are easily washed between uses.

For many girls around the world, periods are more than just an inconvenience, but also a burden. Some can’t afford products so they use whatever they have during their period including fabric scraps or banana fibers. Sometimes girls even have to stay home from school during their period because they have nothing to use. This sets back their education and can cause them to fall so far behind that they have to drop out of school. This is more than an issue of women and girls dealing with their period but missing out on opportunities and important education because they can’t afford to handle their periods.

Along with the products and programs this company offers, they also have a blog. It has things like women’s health, feminism topics, pop culture, and issues that are important to women.

Periods are perfectly natural and are experienced by about half of our population. It is not a bad habit that we picked up for fun, they are an important part of our health. Periods should not be ignored but understood and accepted. Every person should have an opportunity to reach his/her full potential and succeed so we should be doing what we can to help all people succeed regardless of her period, a biological process.  Companies like Thinx are making goals like this a reality.

One step at a time, this company has worked to fight the period stigma and to make sure girls don’t miss out because of their period. She-E-O Miki Agrawal made her dream come true by revolutionizing how we deal with our periods and view them. What do you think about the things they are doing and creating? If you could make any of your dreams a reality what would it be and how would you make that happen?


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