Review: Thinx Period Panties


By Madelyn Starritt


Co-founded by Miki Agrawal, Thinx is a company that makes underwear to wear during your period. For each pair of underwear sold, Thinx funds a pack of reusable pads that will go to a girl in need.

I discovered Thinx period underwear online one day, and decided to give it a try. Here was my experience.

I got the hip huggers, that hold two tampons’ worth of blood, and the sport, which holds one and a half. To my surprise, these were just like regular underwear and weren’t too thick. I was worried it would be like walking around wearing a diaper all day. The crotch area is a little thicker than regular underwear, but it is nothing noticeable or uncomfortable while wearing them.

The website recommends Thinx as a back-up to your normal routine and says that some use them on their own, so I went for it. Nervously, I swapped out my tampons for this underwear and went on with my day. These lasted all day with no leaks. I was amazed and fell in love immediately. All day I would check them, worried this would turn into another horror period story. Even on my heaviest day, these held up.

The outside of the underwear were dry all day long, there weren’t even small wet spots or anything of the like soaking through. They are also very absorbent, just like they claim to be. I didn’t feel like I was sitting in a pool of my own blood all day and they didn’t surround me in a cloud of period stench or feel like a diaper. Overall, I think these things are pretty great.

The panties consist of several layers for period protection. Here’s how it works! They have four parts, antimicrobial, moisture wicking, absorbent, and leak resistant. As said on the website,

“The top layer fights bacteria and absorbs any liquid into the uber-thin layer right beneath it, so you always stay dry.”

The next few days, I was a little less nervous using them and now they are my go-to period product.

I used to dread my period so much and always felt uncomfortable during that time of month. This underwear changed that experience for me drastically. I don’t have to spend money almost every month buying new products; I don’t really worry about leaks, so no more ruined underwear, clothes, or sheets; and I don’t have to worry about products in my pants all day and night during my period.

Washing them is an easy process. The site suggests rinsing them after use and then washing them without fabric softener or bleach and letting them air dry. After rinsing them out, I washed them by themselves, since I have a few pairs, and with other laundry, and it has worked out great both times.

Photo of someone wearing the black period underwear.
The Hip Hugger style Thinx period panties. Photo by Madelyn Starritt.

Recently, I started on a new birth control method, which caused my period to almost disappear except for the occasional spotting or really light flow. I absolutely love my Thinx for this situation I have going on—I wear my Thinx when spotting and don’t have to worry about anything. I don’t have to wear an uncomfortable panty liner or pad all day just for spotting, and I don’t have to worry about any surprises ruining my good underwear because I have my Thinx!

I would generally use tampons because I feel cleaner using them, but prefer pads so I don’t have to put something inside my vagina. I haven’t tried the menstrual cup, so I don’t really know anything about it. With Thinx, I feel clean and safe from leaks and accidents while saving money and the environment because less waste is created from disposable products.

There are six options to choose from and they vary in price, style, and period coverage. They are generally in the thirty dollar range, and vary in absorbency, from holding half a tampon’s worth of blood, to two tampons’ worth. There is a high waist, hip hugger, boy short, sport, cheeky, and thong. The boy short are also designed to be gender neutral, so there really is a pair for everyone.

Thirty plus dollars is way more than I would pay for regular underwear (especially if they might get ruined by my period) but these aren’t any boring regular underwear.  The price of my Thinx is worth it, since they’ve replaced my other products and I save so much during my period. Even if I didn’t like the product I wouldn’t feel like my money was wasted because this is a company I am more than happy to support.

Overall, I love my Thinx, and they are the perfect option for me but, ultimately only you know your cycle and what would work best for you. If the idea of Thinx isn’t as amazing to you as it is to me, a reusable tampon applicator and cotton tampons have recently been released and will be available to purchase soon.

Have you tried Thinx? If so, did they work for you? If period panties aren’t your thing what’s your favorite period product? Let us know in the comments!


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