Hillary Clinton doesn’t owe you anything

By Kali Nelson

Hillary Clinton speaking in front of reporters. At the UN
Hillary Clinton speaking at a press conference at the UN

A while ago when I was scrolling through Facebook I saw a status update that a friend had shared. It went something like this,

“Ya’ll notice how Bernie lost and he still around fighting and Hillary lost and she disappeared into the night?”

It hit a chord with me, why is Hillary Clinton getting called out for taking time off? She just finished running for the highest office in the nation and didn’t get the job. This must have been upsetting at the very least. But then she worked up the nerve to go to her opponent’s inauguration. I felt a break was entirely justified, if not it was understandable.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t owe the American public anything.  She has been a dedicated public servant for over 30 years. She served as a First Lady, a Senator, Secretary of State and has run for president twice. A break now is in order, she has grandchildren whom I bet would love to see their grandma more.

We can argue, “But she won the popular vote, so she should be out here helping us fight Trump!” No. Stop. Right. There. Former Secretary Clinton doesn’t have a job, so in all reality she doesn’t owe us anything.

Former Secretary Clinton is a private citizen, she doesn’t have to fight for us, or march for us, or lobby for us. She didn’t have to do it to begin with. Did you know, Hillary Clinton was the first American First Lady to ever win a public seat. She decided on this life of public service and now maybe she’s decided to call it quits. Asking why she’s not doing anything is stupid—nobody asked why so many of the Republican candidates didn’t stick around much after they lost. I haven’t heard much from Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio lately, and they ran. We should question why Former Secretary Clinton is being expected to stick around after she lost. The double standard that Former Secretary Clinton is being held to is ridiculous. It requires her to put in more effort, and it also seems to me that she isn’t allowed to take a break.

It rubs me the wrong way that some people would think she would want to stick around. Former Secretary Clinton was bullied and harassed during the entire election season. She has been told she wouldn’t make a good president because she’s too hormonal—which  seems like a silly reason, when the main compliment she got was how collected she was. Former Secretary Clinton was also under fire for her email scandal which was closed and then reopened less than two weeks before the election started.

Now let’s talk about Senator Sanders. Of course, he would stick around and fight Congress, he’s in it. I would also like to point out that Senator Sanders lost in the primaries to a competent candidate. He did not have to go through months of abuse, an FBI investigation and then lose to a man that bullied his way through the election, never released his taxes, and had basically no experience or set values. Senator Sanders lost knowing that the Democratic Party was safe. I cannot speak for Hillary’s mental state but if I was her I would be upset, to say the least. She handled Trump’s win with grace, and now it’s time for her to take a break and do nothing.

What makes us think that, after so many people told her that she was less suited for the presidency than the man we have now, and that she should be in prison, we are entitled enough to demand that she come back into the public and help us? We are not.

Just leave Hillary alone. Please.


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