Meet Maddie

Madelyn Starritt pictured standing by Multnomah Falls in Oregon
The author by Multnomah Falls, OR

By Madelyn Starritt

Hello! My name is Madelyn, but I usually go by Maddie. I was born and raised in Sandpoint, ID with my younger brother, parents, and large wonderful family. Moving to Moscow for school was a fun adventure and I’ve grown to love it here, but I do miss the lakes and mountains from back home. I first met my husband in high school, and we have been married for a year and a half now. He is my best friend and always so supportive of my dreams and endeavors. I am incredibly grateful to have such a caring person to spend my life with. It is just us right now, but in the future we plan to get a puppy and eventually have children of our own.

Here is a little bit about me: I love the outdoors and soaking up sunshine! Some of my hobbies include sewing/crafting, spending time with family and friends, and photography. I am an avid user of Pinterest and Netflix, I own far too many blankets, and I love candles. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite movie because I love too many to narrow it down. When I was in middle school, I played the saxophone and tried many sports growing up, but soccer was my favorite. I also love brownies, but do not like chocolate cake.

I am a senior here at the university studying Journalism with a minor in Communication. Before transferring to UI, I earned my associate degree at North Idaho College. I graduate next fall, and am excited and terrified to finish school and start my next adventure. I very much enjoy the media field and am excited to find a career doing what I love.

I am excited to write for this blog because I enjoy writing, photography, and the whole process of creating and publishing content. This opportunity will give me a chance not only to write, but to do so about topics that are important to me. Women’s and gender issues have and always will have an impact on me and those close to me, so I have kept myself informed about them. I have also taken some classes that explore many of the topics around women’s, gender, and diversity issues, which I have found very interesting. I hope to explore and write about more of these topics and issues that tend to get ignored, even though they have a big impact on us all. Often these topics, like race, gender, and women’s issues, are avoided or ignored because they might be uncomfortable to discuss, or taboo. This won’t change if we continue to not talk about these things. I hope writing about these topics will start a conversation, bring light to these issues, and encourage others to discuss them, so we can start to take steps forward to addressing these problems.

Thanks for reading about me! I look forward to this next semester and sharing my thoughts with you!



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