Long Live Body Positivity and Body rEvolution: A Reflection

By Lauren Anthony


At the beginning of this year I started my adventure being a blog writer for the Women’s Center at the University of Idaho. The very first article I ever wrote is Body Positivity, Meet Body Revolution. As a novice writer, I wanted to talk about something of great interest, body positivity.

I took two internships at the women’s center this semester: one being a blog writer and the other is being a part of Body rEvolution. In a sense, this blog is the beginning of my own written body revolution. It helped me reinforce body positivity through writing while I was also doing presentations around campus with Body rEvolution.

Body positivity week is one of the many ways of personally connecting with the college community. Body rEvolution presented a slideshow about the topics we worked on all semester along with activities to encourage body positivity at Kappa Alpha Theta and at Palouse Prairie Charter School. By going out and talking with others, the body revolution, which is to help empower those around us to talk about the topics that are uncomfortable and create a safe and welcoming environment. It also helps me become more comfortable talking about some sensitive topics, but also having ways of handling and coping with them.

Looking back, this journey with the blog and Body rEvolution has been one of the best ways to leave college. The blog challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, to be honest and to talk about topics that I may of never considered. With Body rEvolution, I found my voice on topics that used to be too hard to talk about; I also was able to share it with others through presentations.

As this article shares, talking about body positivity for both men and women is not an easy task. By taking those steps to get involved in body positivity campaigns on campuses or even in the local community is important. Loving one’s body, even for myself, is not an overnight success, but it does get easier in time.

Being involved in these two internships helped me find out what I love about myself and how to encourage others to feel beautiful and handsome as they are.

Never forget that you’re all beautiful and handsome and to never stop smiling!

Read Body Positivity, Meet Body Revolution 


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