A Little About Me…

         Matagalpa, Nicaragua

My name is Alison Rogers and I am the summer intern here at the Women’s Center, and the newest blog contributor. I’d just like to share a little about myself before I get started posting weekly columns. I am from Meridian, Idaho. I am currently in the last few months of my Bachelor’s degree in the College of Education studying Exercise Science and Health. In the last semester of my degree, I fell deeply in love with the city of Moscow, and am so fortunate to be able complete my degree here this summer.

Along with being an intern at the Women’s Center, I am also interning at Vandal Health Education and I am a bartender at the Corner Club in Moscow. I am an alumna member of Delta Delta Delta, where I served many different roles including chapter president. I enjoy reading, exercising, watching movies, and being outdoors. I also proudly consider myself a new feminist. I have discovered feminism fairly recently and have much to learn and I’m enjoying exploring different and new perspectives. My piece of advice to anyone who feels the way I do about feminism – yearning to be educated – read nearly anything by bell hooks. The most informative in my opinion is Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center.

My main interest is in health, particularly sexual health and women’s health. I really learned about the importance of these issues last summer when I had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua, a country where nearly half the women become pregnant by age 20, STIs run rampant, and sex education is nearly non-existent. There I was able to present a sexual health education lesson plan I had created and learn more about how culture affects sexual health. For the Women’s Center this summer, I will be posting weekly articles related mainly to women’s health. I would love to hear any suggestions readers may have about the kinds of topics they would like to read about (feel free to include in the comments section below). I hope my articles are informative and relatable, and I look forward to diving into the many different facets of women’s health!


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