Victims of James Deen Still Wait for Justice

By Sam Kennedy
Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault and Rape

If you read “Porn Taught Me Everything I Know About Sex” earlier this year, you might be curious to hear about the results of James Deen’s rape allegations. Well, if you were hoping for good news, it’s not looking so great. Despite multiple women coming forward and accusing porn star James Deen of sexual assault, his career is still thriving.

Deen specializes in BDSM roleplays and fantasies for adult films. Many victims claimed this is how he was able to get away with sexual assault. Actresses would implement use of the safe word, but James Deen would continue in films. Women would begin crying, begging him to stop, or saying their agreed-upon safe word over and over again, and he would continue to have sex and degrade them on camera.

BDSM is all about trust and respect. Partners will agree upon a safe word beforehand and if at any point that word (or action) is done, all sexual activity is to halt immediately to make sure that all parties are safe. BDSM can be physically and emotionally draining, pushing participants to their limits. It is important to respect your partner and take care of them. For James Deen to continue in these sexual acts when his partner has indicated a want for him to stop is rape. It does not matter if it is BDSM or in a porn movie or anything else. If you engage in sexual behaviors without full consent, it is sexual assault.

Unfortunately, James Deen has not been officially charged with anything. He is facing fines for violating workplace safety regulations, but that’s about the extent of it.  Instead, James Deen has disturbingly became more popular after these rape allegations. He became more widely searched and was being hired just as frequently, if not more so, to participate in adult films.

I am deeply troubled and saddened by this. For porn industries to condone this sort of james-deen-feature-768x512.jpgbehavior or to even not care about these allegations perpetuates the dangerous work environments for porn stars. Every worker deserves to feel safe in their work environment, and that includes sex workers. James Deen has been accused by 9 separate women of assaulting them, and has made multiple comments and tweets similar to the image on the right – (despite him claiming to be a feminist and that he has no idea where these accusations are coming from.)

All of these things and his career doesn’t take a hit? We are basically telling people that female sex workers are not worthy of respect. That we do not care about their safety. That they are props and tools in the film industry. And this doesn’t sit right with me at all.

Stay tuned for more updates on James Deen and other sexual assault reports within the porn industry.


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