Stripping Down Everything: An Australian Actress’s Hollywood Experience

By Lauren Anthony


Loving everything about ourselves, even the imperfections, can be a challenge. Society pushes an ideal standard on women making it well known what is considered beautiful and socially acceptable and what is not.

Especially in Hollywood, women need to meet strict standards of beauty. Caitlin Stasey, an Australian actress, shared her story of what it means to be a “pretty girl” in Hollywood and what she’s done to empower herself and other women.

Movements that encourage women to love their body and other imperfections are one way to break the standard of beauty.

What’s Underneath, a project by StyleLikeU, has brought many different types of women to share their own stories and struggles, stripping down literally and mentally. The What’s Underneath Project: London Trailer shows us previews of women from London who have shared their own stories.

StyleLikeU’s main goal is to help empower women to accept themselves as they are. By stripping an item of clothing they are wearing as they talk about what they deal with, the performers help get to what makes them who they are.

Caitlin Stasey, in Being “The Pretty Girl” Isn’t Always So Pretty In Hollywood shared struggles that she dealt with when it came to being an actress in Hollywood. As the video played, I began to understand and support her. What people think of Hollywood and how perfect everyone seems to be is so inaccurate. Caitlin opens up about how just the way she dressed one time made her “not possible” for a role in a movie. What is shown to the rest of the country and the world for that matter is not always the truth or accurate.

Inspired by the What’s Underneath project, Caitlin started her own movement, Herself. This website profiles all types of women who bare all and share their own experiences. When going onto the website you can scroll down and see many images of different kinds of women, completely naked and click to read more into their own stories. Hannah Terry-Whyte and Keenan MacWilliam work with Caitlin on this movement.

Seeing that one movement like What’s Underneath can lead to another movement is very inspiring. It helps continue to push the standard of beauty out the window and help all women feel that the way they are is beautiful and that they should feel empowered. Caitlin is just one of many women who have come out and said it as it is. While these movements are starting to become well known, it is the perfect step into moving into a more body positive and inclusive society.

What all women need to know is that regardless of whether they have the so-called “perfect body” they do not need to change for anyone or anything. That being able to accept their imperfections helps inspire other women to stop covering up who they are and realizing their own beauty. Society may continue to try to push what may look great for magazines, movies, TV, etc but these movements are helping women move away from using those areas as guidelines for beauty. Each body is beautiful in its own unique way and should be celebrated as is.

If you are interested about hearing how StyleLikeU came to be, you can check out the following video, True Style is Self-Acceptance: StyleLikeU’s Mission.


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