To Wear a Bra Or Not: That is the Question

By Lauren Anthony


Some debates come and go, but others just keep clinging on, like a bra. Whether or not women should wear bras has over time become a controversial debate. While some think that wearing a bra is necessary, a lot of women are advocating for it to be acceptable to go braless as well.

As someone who actively wears a bra, I believe the best part of the day is taking it off and feeling free. Wearing no bra can cause people to question how I seem to value myself as a woman and take care of my body. The exposure of seeing the nipple or even seeing the breasts without a bra is taboo within society. That being said, the focus of this article is on why going braless is okay and has some positive impacts for women.

Women have been taught to keep their breasts covered and decent. One of the most prominent campaigns against this that has arisen is the Free The Nipple campaign to support women breastfeeding in public areas. While this pushes for society to feel normal seeing a breast in public, it does not address the bigger part of why in the world do women wear bras.

There are many types of bras to choose from. Each bra serves it purpose to help our breasts look good as we work out, go to work, wear under a certain article of clothing, etc. This all fine and well, but what about those women who choose to go braless?

It is frowned upon.

An article from the DailyLife Australia discusses why it is taboo for women to choose not to wear a bra. A great point brought up in the article is that many women choose to wear a bra for aesthetic and not for the function aspect. Bras can be very painful and uncomfortable for many women and can cause issues such as back pain. So let’s look at some reasons why bras should not be worn.

A study was conducted with 330 women in Besançon to see what were the benefits of not having a bra. It was shown that breasts do better without the need of the extra support of a bra. The use of a bra does not help the issues of back pain; instead it is better to just let the breasts be as they are.

7 Things That Happen When You Stop Wearing A Bra shares some of the perks of going braless. They range from “1. You’re Free!” to “6. People Make Comments”. It shows that in some cases, it may be helpful to wear a bra to help support your breasts. Yet, if you want to still wear some type of support, you can invest in a bralette. Being able to look at all angles of the benefits of a bra or not can help women make the best choice for themselves.

I have become an advocate for doing what you please, going with a bra or not. Some days it feels comfortable and makes me feel empowered, other days it is just nice to let my breasts be free. Investing in a bralette was one of the best decisions I made, as it still gives me support, but is light and almost feels as if no bra is there. Breasts need to stop being over-sexualized, it is not that taboo to see a nipple or breast. The point of it all is that if a woman chooses no bra, she should be treated just as equal as a woman who chooses to wear one.

The takeaway message I want to give to all who read this article is that it is your choice as a woman to wear a bra or not. It should not be considered taboo or even sexual if it feels better to dress without one. If you want to wear one, go for it and do not let anyone make you feel less. It is your body; your breasts and you should be entitled to do whatever feels the best for you.

So, to wear a bra or not. What’s your answer?

If you are interested in hearing more about the benefits of going braless you can check out Bra Free- Bras and Breast Cancer  which gives a ton of information about helping make the transition from wearing bras to not.


2 thoughts on “To Wear a Bra Or Not: That is the Question

  1. Great article! I feel like there’s an extra layer of taboo when it comes to women with bigger boobs. The handful of times I’ve gone bra-less have left me with uncomfortable experiences of everyone staring (openly) and then openly talking to me about my boobs. It’s basically the reason I own nothing strapless!


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