Republican Women come out against Trump

By Stephanie Sampson


Many Americans are fearful of the future, but this year their fears have escalated to a new level. Well, at least mine have. It’s orange, angry and has really bad hair. That’s right, today I am going to discuss Donald Trump.

The recent news is not necessarily that Trump is a bigot, because most of us already know that. The news today is that the Republican Party is running a campaign against one of their own candidates. A political action committee (PAC) called Our Principles PAC put out a press release in February, about the need to stop Donald Trump from “hijacking” the Republican party.

They recently released their 2016 Super PAC Ad that focuses on the detrimental statements that Trump has said about women. The moving clip shows how Trump spreads hate among his followers and how damaging that can be to our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins and daughters. Various brilliant writers are shown simply saying quotes that Trump has said. There is a writer from the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, International Business Times and Politico Magazine. The women each scowl as the repeat the disgraceful words of Trump. Some of which talks negatively about Princess Dianna and women that stay at home.

Trump has said things like, “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.” This is not the first misogynistic statement he has made. His most recent speech was about abortion. On Wednesday he said that women should be punished if they have an abortion, but then backtracked on his stance once he was confronted.

The Republican Party feel that this hate that Trump is spreading needs to cease and that they need to show that they won’t stand for it. While most women tend to be Democratic, 44 percent of women in this country are still republican and Trump is not getting their vote.


There have been several instances throughout his presidential candidacy journey where I feel that he has shown that strong women intimidate him. Megyn Kelly confronted him by saying, “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals,” and in mid sentence he interrupted her to say that he only said that about O’Donnell. Kelly is a conservative journalist, former attorney, news pundit, and most known for being a political commentator on the Fox News Channel. As a strong reporter, Kelly doesn’t back down when she confronts Trump at the GOP debates. She brings up the hateful statements. He usually gets flustered and then eventually he just sticks his nose in the air and says that he was going to skip the Iowa Caucus all together. He got what he deserved in my opinion, he was not as successful during that Caucus.

My faith in humanity was once again restored when I saw the anti-Trump campaign video. It showed me that we are still able to recognize the spread of hate and stop it in its tracks.There’s a reason that the KKK proudly shows their support of Trump. They share a lot of the same views. Just like Trump wants to build a 30 foot wall to keep out immigrants, the KKK thinks the world is meant to be a “pure” place.

Our job as citizens is to do our civil duty by voting for the next president of the United States. I encourage everyone to look into each candidate and make the best decision based on your personal beliefs. Think of your fellow mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins and daughters when making your decision. Think about whether or not you would want the person in the white house calling your daughter a big, fat pig.




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