Three Feminist Punk Bands You Need to Check Out

By Stephanie Sampson

Members of Pussy Riot, a feminist Russian punk rock band

Feminist Punk is a feminist movement that originally started in the 1990’s in the Pacific Northwest that combines women empowerment, punk music and politics. This genre is inspiring women all over the world to express themselves.

Emma May from Scene Reports said that over the past couple of years, as groups like indie-pop heartthrobs Death Cab for Cutie and the bearded Fleet Foxes have mostly disbanded, the members of Seattle’s most-renowned alternative bands have shifted from primarily sad-white-dudes-in-flannel to women in outspokenly feminist bands.

The art and music scene in Seattle continues to grow in feminism music, art and activism. Feminist punk is the most recognized music right now. These revolutionary women are singing about issues such as rape, domestic abuse, sexuality, racism, and most importantly female empowerment.

  1. Tacocat

My favorite feminist punk band, Tacocat, sings humorous songs about various feminist issues. One of their most popular is Hey Girl released on their album NVM in 2014, which mocks all of those creepy catcallers. But my favorite song of theirs is from NVM as well, Crimson Wave. This song had me literally laughing out loud. The song provides women a good laugh by singing a song about menstruation. This diabolically humorous song gained an impressive 10,000 views in a single week on YouTube.

If anyone is interested in seeing Tacocat live they are playing at Washington State University on April 2 during Kazzuzapalousa.

2. Mommy Long Legs

There are many other female punk bands that deserve recognition. Mommy Long Legs is a creative and chaotic band that often rock lipstick all over their faces while they shout about yuppie moms and silly sorority girls. This Seattle-based band has continued to shine the light on all of those “weird” high school girls that we all secretly were.

3. Childbirth

Childbirth performing in Seattle in their iconic hospital gowns

Childbirth is also a band in the Seattle area that stands out. They sing their witty lyrics on stage while dressed in hospital gowns. If that doesn’t stand out, then I don’t know what else will. This band tends to leave their fans with a side ache from laughing so hard after one of their performances. Sarah Galvin from Suicide Squeeze Records said that,” This is the genius of Childbirth—you’re laughing and dancing so hard you don’t notice the band’s effective and often uniquely

subtle social commentary until you’re brushing your teeth one night and find yourself analyzing the lyrics of “Who Let the Dogs Out.” And then you laugh again.”

I am proud to watch the feminist punk revolution in my very own backyard. People tend to say that Feminists are angry and negative about everything, but that simply isn’t true. We are taking our anger and channeling it through humorous content. Whether it is singing comical lyrics, writing a satire on a blog post, or simply joking around with friends, women are taking the unfortunate with a grain of salt.

These inspirational women make me want to start my own feminist punk band. But the tricky part would be coming up with a catchy name. Any suggestions?

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