Why I Chose a Feminist Blog

I’ve never been one to speak up or defend myself when it comes to issues of women’s equality, mainly because my personality is a bit more reserved in public settings. My mind spins through educated rebuttals and facts while my outward appearance is flat or pretending to ignore sexist comments. At the ripe young age of twenty-four, however, I finally feel ready to open myself to the world of feminism and let the world hear my thoughts.

I come from a complex background which has afforded me a rich opportunity for education and growth in various areas. I was raised in a very traditional Mexican household where we went to church every Sunday and prayed at meals and before bedtime. I quickly discovered what it meant to be “ethnic” and liberal in the state of Idaho, where a high majority of our population is white and conservative (I might throw Mormon in there as well, though I haven’t checked local statistics recently enough to feel comfortable in doing so). In retrospect, I’ve toyed with the idea that my differences and inadequacies growing up have a lot to do with my personality as an introvert today, but I suppose that might depend on your stance of nature versus nurture. In any event, I was an outlier which helped me prepare myself as an intellect and focus more of my time on my studies and in music (violin, trumpet, rudimentary snare and other various percussion instruments), where I experienced high levels of success.  

At some point after hitting puberty I became less and less interested in progressing myself and fell off the wagon into rebellion. I dropped out of high school with one semester left of my senior year and joined the crude, sexist world of the military where I learned a lot about what it means to be a strong woman. I met my future husband after returning home from boot camp, who I later found out to be a narcissist and habitual liar. Despite knowing this I allowed myself to be his victim for five years (follow my future posts for more intimate details…), all the while dealing with issues of depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety. I attempted multiple activities to spark even the tiniest feelings of self-actualization which resulted in a handful of credits from a local university and a license in nail technology, but nothing really significant. After coming to terms with the facts, I left my husband (as a Hispanic woman and a Catholic, this was no easy decision) and finally let go of everything wrong in my life to start anew. It took losing my home, my car, my so-called friends, and my dignity to clear my slate and create a new beginning for myself, but I did. I filed for divorce and bankruptcy, found a new job and a new circle of friends, and began to live my beautiful life as I now know it, both graciously and tenaciously.

Now that I am in a more clear state of mind, I am excited to share my words with anyone who will listen. I am embarking on this writing internship with intentions of discussing topics that are very close to my heart, including:

  • Women in the military
  • Catholic women
  • Women of color
  • Women in abusive relationships
  • Abortion
  • Rape culture
  • The male advantage vs. the female disadvantage
  • Feminism as it relates to veganism

I realize many of these are sensitive subjects, but also ones that I feel I am qualified to speak on from first-hand experience. I will also provide outside resources to support my articles and I very much welcome any respectful disagreements and/or questions. I am looking forward to writing and hope to create an audience, however small or large, to join me as I explore the vast world of feminism and all its many aspects.




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