Small Town Girl with Big Dreams

387353_627130323967604_83774099_n_editedHello all! My name is Kimberly Scheffelmaier and I’m here to tell a little about myself… Academically, I am a sophomore at the University of Idaho currently majoring in molecular biology and biotechnology with a minor in pre-health professions. Personally, I’m just a small town girl who loves science, snowboarding, and snuggling with my puppy. I grew up in Avery, Idaho – most people have no idea where that’s at so here is a map to help you out! There are only 25 permanent residents so it’s quite small but since it’s in the middle of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, it’s absolutely gorgeous! My parents own Scheffy’s General Store and Motel so I grew up working there as a cashier. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place to spend the first 18 years of my life!

I’m pursuing a career in medicine as a physician and am considering pediatrics or family medicine as of now. My inspiration for my future came from my beautiful niece who started her first day of kindergarten this week – when I first saw her in November of 2009, my outlook changed forever and I knew I wanted to work in healthcare. She was the most beautiful baby girl – her eyes shined and even when she was crying she still made me smile and gave me the warmest feeling in my heart. Having 3 older brothers, the next oldest being 16 years older than me, has given me such a wonderful opportunity to be around their kids, but still be able to send them home at the end of the day. I absolutely adore children, but as for any future plan to be a mother myself, I have no desire. I’m sure that may change but with the 10 years of college, medical school, and residency I have left ahead of me I am perfectly content being an auntie to my  10 nieces and nephews.

I first became exposed to the clinical setting during my sophomore year in high school when I began taking medical courses through a dual enrollment program. I became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and spent countless hours job shadowing at the local hospital. I was enthralled by the amazing surgical procedures I witnessed, and from that point on the idea of becoming a physician was cemented.

One thing that was very lacking in the healthcare field not that long ago was women…that is what my main focus will be here in the UI Women’s Center Blog. I hope to take some very valuable skills away from this blogging experience, as I will be writing dozens of essays while applying to medical school and beyond. But additionally, I am excited to see what I can delve into as I bring together women and medicine – two topics that were once unassociated. During my first year here on the UI campus I was lucky enough to choose, in my opinion, the best ISEM course available! I walked into my first day of Creative Minds taught by Liz Sloan without any idea of what to expect. The next several weeks were full of creative thinking exercises, group collaboration, and doodling; yes we got graded on how much we could doodle in class! I absolutely loved her course and when I got the chance to write an “autobiography” where I could choose any person in history and reenact their life in my own words of course I chose Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor. I had more fun writing that “autobiography” than I have with any other paper I’ve written so far in college. I loved researching about Elizabeth’s trials and tribulations as well as her triumphs throughout the path to becoming a physician. Although that was several years ago, it still relates today because women are seen as inferior to men in most science fields…but that is a topic for another day!

Now that I’ve told you a little about myself, my dreams, and my plan for blogging, I hope to learn a little about each of you that are reading this in the comments! Share something about yourself that relates to what you’ve learned about me…or share something that is completely unrelated! I can’t wait to finish my first real blog post for the Women’s Center and I hope to see many of you coming back to learn more!


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