Hi I am a new Writer and Women’s Center Intern.

Self portrait of me.
Self portrait of me.

Hi Vandals, and everyone else around the world! My name is Megan Gospe and I am one of the new writers for the Women’s Center Blog. I am interning for Journalism credit and I am looking forward to learning new things about current women’s and gender studies issues. I previously attended Eastern Washington University then transferred to the University of Idaho last May due to my previous college institution not having my major. I am a senior and this is my last semester in college, so I hope to gain readership and following about ethical and law issues regarding people refusing to change with society. I am from Vancouver Washington, so I grew up across the river from Portland Oregon. What is interesting about living so close to Portland is that fact that there is so much diversity and gender issues that still have to be solved. A main one being gender equality for all. Transgender issues and the LGBT Community is still suffering from discrimination despite recent Supreme Court rulings. The most recent Portland Oregon controversy is Saint Mary’s Catholic school denying employment to Lauren Brown for being a lesbian.

I hope to have fun writing for the Women’s Studies Blog and learning more about various perspectives on current day issues that are changing in the United States. I think it is crucial as a media professional to understand and be sensitive to all demographic information. Advocacy requires asking the right questions, researching, and having a fair and balanced stance to advocate for people that cannot speak solely for themselves. I am pursuing a degree in Broadcasting and Digital Media because I like to help people and keep the public informed about issues they never hear about.

I stay involved on campus by working for the Argonaut, KUOI, and I work part-time as a Deli Clerk. As a busy media worker, off campus worker, and student, I overcome various obstacles such as being recognized in the control room and as a camera operator. I am hoping to write more about how my gender can make it more difficult to get media assignments that require camera operating and equipment set up. My experiences as a woman in the JAMM program have been interesting because, it feels more like a man’s world. I do not understand why there is a perception that women are not as good at camera operating and running camera equipment. I also want to write more about these preconceived notions in Broadcasting when regarding gender and current issues. I think it is important to talk about the medias interaction with feminism and, somehow coordinate my blogs around what is currently happening in the news.


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