Now What?

By Ian Sullivan

I decided to blog this semester for the University of Idaho Women’s Center for a few different reasons. I wanted the course credit. I wanted another opportunity to practice my writing and work in a medium that was new to me. But above all, I wanted to change my ignorance towards the feminist movement, understand it better, and apply that to the way I live my life. I think I have accomplished all of that, and I am happy I took up this blogging position for the past several months. I have been grateful for the opportunity. I know I am both a better writer and, more importantly, a better person because of it.

I guess this is sort of a “so where do I go from here?” moment. The semester is over, and with that, so is the blogging, for now. I have yet to graduate, so my summer will once again be spent mowing grass and fixing irrigation lines on a golf course. So I suppose my dilemma is taking what I have learned these past months and figuring out how to apply it all to my day-to-day life. I don’t think there is any definitive answer to that, though. Above all, I think what the Women’s Center has given me is a new and unique lens to view the world from; my heart is fuller and my mind more understanding, and with that, all there is to do hold on to what I have learned, practice what I have preached, and spread the message of equality for all.

I came to this position back in January with so little knowledge of gender equality and the feminist movement. While there is always so much more to learn, I am confident in saying I have learned so much over the course of four months. From browsing the internet looking for story ideas, to listening to the ideas of other staff members, to just keeping my ears and mind open and being much more willing to explore issues related to gender, I have learned so much and come to such a valuable understanding of the need for gender equality and the importance of spreading the message. I have a newfound respect for activists of all kinds, and will now always do my best to do my part to help others learn what I have learned.


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