Hello from one of your new bloggers!

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by Monica Reid
Hi everyone! My name is Monica Reid, and I am the newest writer for the Women’s Center blog. I grew up in various places across the Northwest including Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming. I previously attended Eastern Washington University as a double major in Journalism and Women’s & Gender Studies, but am taking some time off from college for now, which I why I moved to Moscow this August. A little bit about me: I am awful at any sport with a ball, but I absolutely live for skating. I both ice skate and roller skate. I work at a bar and grill here in town, as well as a comic book/strategy game/costume/adult store. My partner attends University of Idaho, so I am often on campus spending time with them. I also enjoy singing, debating, skiing, exploring the outdoors, getting new piercings and tattoos, traveling, shopping, and reading.

I am very passionate about feminist activism, and for me, writing is a perfect way for me to speak out. I am especially devoted to sexual and domestic violence awareness and prevention, as well as activism within the LGBT+ community. I am so excited for this opportunity to write for the blog, and through this, I hope to be a catalyst for positive change on campus and in your lives!


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