Greetings from the new editor!

by Jenna McDaniel

My name is Jenna McDaniel and I am a sophomore at the University of Idaho. I grew up in Boise, Idaho and after being a Broncos fan all my life, I never thought I’d become a Vandal. Now that I’m in the middle of experiencing such a complementary combination of friendship and new beginnings, I understand the rave behind the passionate Vandal pride and strong student body.

I come from a very active family, and have been a part of sports teams and athletic groups since I was very young. Because of this, healthy living was drilled into my brain since before I can remember. Before college, soccer was my life, teaching me all the pros and cons to team sports, and helping me build an impenetrable wall of mental strength. Just prior to college, I turned my attention more to long-distance running, and found that with my high level of mental toughness and endurance, I fit right in. Originally, I started college studying Dietetics, thinking that my interest in the relationship between athletics and diet would continue to blossom. At the end of my freshman year, though, I found it wasn’t for me. I have been involved in athletics for many years and have always been a “health nut,” and I found that both living and studying my strongest passion in life quickly wore me out.

I decided to approach my second year from a different angle, and changed my major to Journalism. So far, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I absolutely love writing, especially when I get the chance to write fact-based pieces influenced by my own experiences. With enough practice, I hope to bring new perspectives that have the strength to broaden the reader’s lens. As the editor for the Women’s Center Blog this semester, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start getting a feel for this style of writing. Taking information from the media and presenting it in such a way that not only gets through to, but touches readers emotionally, is a skill I long to have. By keeping up on both local and worldly events and presenting fact-based articles about issues in the media, I hope to connect to my generation and peers to current topics around women and gender, and broaden both our perspectives. Being professional and strong about what you believe in has the potential to change the world. Dreams have to start somewhere, so why not with a group of bloggers?


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