V-Men: A Male Voice in the Fight Against Violence

Jordan Clapper

The Vagina Monologues, and the subsequent V-Day movement, sparked an unprecedented project in which millions of women came together to address the issue of violence against women in this country. Women comprise an inordinate number in cases of physical and sexual violence in this country. As such, this issue has been treated as a “women’s issue”; the campaigns against it were spearheaded by women; groups of women were formed to address the issue; women were called to protect and empower women. However, given the fact that men are the primary aggressors, is this really just a women’s issue?

Out of the success of the V-Day movement came an organization to address this issue: V-Men. Historically, and rightfully so, V-Day has been targeted toward women, and this has been important in order to give them a voice. But with such an overwhelming percentage of the practitioners of violence being men, it’s clear that men cannot afford to be kept out of the issue. V-Men was formed in order to give men a voice, to stand up and say, “As fellow men, we will not stand to see women face such terrible violence.” By and for men, V-Men holds men accountable as individuals who can help prevent violence and spread education about it.

At the University of Idaho, we have formed our own chapter of this group. Our goal is like all other V-Men: to educate and to call men to action. We are providing a workshop to help inspire communication between men and incite this call to action through respect, engagement, and introspection. It is an opportunity for men to talk to other men about male issues and how their relationship with violence impacts women they love. The following is some information regarding the workshop right here on campus:

V-Men Workshop

February 4, 2014

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Student Diversity Center, TLC 229

If you care about these issues, we ask that you join us in this discussion. Men need to have a voice in this, and your involvement can help stop this violence.

Though this event is for men, we encourage women to talk with men they know to get them involved. Just because this is a workshop for men does not mean women cannot still make a difference. We welcome all contributions in getting this message out.

Registration for the event is required, but there is no cost to join! If interested, please contact Carl Dindo at carld@uidaho.edu or 208-885-6716. Sign up now, because we have a limited number of slots.


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