Mrs. Claus: the old and the new

Rebecca Johnson

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirrin’ not even a mouse.

There was one, however, who would stir through the night

Why it was Mrs. Claus herself, with hair of snow white.

Snow White might not be the word to describe this sight

While she is home all alone with her apron strings tight.

A woman’s job around the house is never done, she has heard said

There’s always cooking and cleaning and making the bed.

Growing old with frump and alone at last

With Santa Claus gone it was chore time; and fast

No words of thanks, no notice of clean

The days just go by with hungry children to wean

Mouth kept shut as she works like a dog

Dinner must be ready to serve, despite her head full with fog

Though the dreams did pop in

Every now and again

Of days long ago

When she did certainly know

Her only passion in life–

Not to become Mrs. Perfect little wife.

But when with child she soon became,

Not to cause her family shame,

She took all of her pride

And became the best bride

And lived the rest of her life

As Mrs. Claus, the perfect wife

mrsclauscomestotown photo credit 

Flash forward to now, in a time more serene

At home Mrs. Claus is not to be seen

Ms. Claus that is, not to be confused with the past

When cooking and cleaning were forever to last

No not today, today there is more

Now at home, 4 hungry children crawling around on the floor

No man at home, of course, to help with the chores

Not when he is out giving gifts to children, going door to door

No cookies or milk this holiday year

Food stamps today won’t bring her that cheer

The modern couple looks a lot different today

A wife still at work, but with more dues to pay

When asked by a fellow if she would take it all back

And just settle down instead of taking her track

Ms. Claus replied a “no” with certain great haste

A life without freedom is a terrible waste

“I would do it all again, if I did have the choice

Because even with a job and kids, I still have a voice”

We have come a long way from the dark dismal past

Our freedom and spirit will be the first thing to last

So here is to women, both near and far

It doesn’t matter who, where, what, when or why you are

Be strong and proud of the women you’ll be

And never, ever, ever let anyone tell you you are not free.


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