Sex Talk With Nick: Orally Orgasmic

Nick Dimico

Welcome to Sex Talk with Nick, your weekly dose of pleasure. I’m here to give you an educational insight into the world of sex. This week we are going to discuss oral sex and how many find pleasure using nothing but their mouth.

Oral sex or oral intercourse is sexual activity involving the stimulation of the genitalia of a person by another person using the mouth (including the lips, tongue, or teeth) or throat. Oral sex can be performed as foreplay to incite sexual arousal before other sexual activities such as vaginal or anal intercourse, or as an erotic and physically intimate act.

“My mouth seems to be the number one resource to get my boyfriend hard,” said Justine, straight, 26, sexually active. “It creates such stimulation for him before we have intercourse. The plus of it all is that I don’t mind doing it because he always does it for me.”

Oral sex can be a great way to get stimulation before having intercourse or it can be a substitute for vaginal-penile and anal sex.

Recently, I conducted a sex study to find out what people liked when it comes to sex. One of the questions I asked on the survey was, “If you could only have one type of sex for the rest of your life, what would you choose: oral, anal or vaginal-penile intercourse?”

Out of 87 surveys, 79 choose oral sex. I found this to be a shocking statistic as I never would have guessed that oral sex was a preference for the majority of people that were surveyed.

“Oral sex is a different kind of pleasure,” said Brad, gay, 24, sexually active. “As a gay male I find anal to be very painful. Even though I am usually the one penetrating, something about a warm mouth truly fulfills the need for me.”

Due to a lack of experience in oral sex, Jordan feels that it’s the opposite for him and his girlfriend.

“Vaginal-penile is what I would like for the rest of my life,” said Jordan, straight, 28, sexually active. “Out of the ten years that I have been with my girlfriend, we have never had oral sex with each other and we are fine with it.”

Oral sex can be quite pleasurable, but it does take practice. Finding out what turns on your partner when it comes to oral sex can make it orgasmic.

“I learned by doing it,” said Mary, Lesbian, 22, sexually active. “You need to be willing to try more things otherwise it’s not going to be as pleasurable.”

Nobody is perfect and nobody can be perfect when it comes to sex of any kind, this is why being open-minded to sex can help bring pleasure.

Finding the most pleasurable way in giving oral sex can be difficult, so here are some tips from people who participated in the survey.

Maintain A Little Eye Contact:

Believe it or not, many people do get lonely up there. So, make sure to glance up every once in awhile while giving a pleasurable look. This gives the satisfaction of them also knowing that you are enjoying yourself.

Use Hands Or Fingers:

While your mouth can give a lot of pleasure, sometimes you may need a helping hand. On average a penis is 5-6 inches and our mouths are only 2-3 inches, so therefore you may need a hand to help finish the job. For women a tongue can be extremely satisfying, but some women may need a finger to help in stimulating the clitoris.

Deep Throat:

Many men say that they like it when their partner “deep throats” them during oral sex. The definition of “deep throat” is when the person performing oral sex on a man inserts the penis into the mouth and usually to the point where it extends to the back of the throat while sometimes triggering a gag reflex.

“I love it when my boyfriend deep throats me,” said Cameron, gay, 23, sexually active. “For me it brings a mind blowing sensation to my penis.”

Slow Down:

Throughout each of the surveys, many people say that their partners usually go to fast when it comes to oral sex. Slowly stimulating your partner’s genital area can intensify the end result (the orgasm). Slowness can also bring relaxation for your partner instead of making them tense. By slowly licking/sucking the head and shaft of the penis or by slowly licking the clitoris may give your partner just what he, she, or other needs for complete satisfaction.

Massage Their Body:

The #1 tip given from the surveys was to massage your partner before giving oral sex. This helps relax your partner and creates a moment where you two can be one with each other, instead of being stressed out during sex. Clear the mind and give them a little massage to release the tension.

Talk To Your Partner:

Pleasure from oral sex varies from person to person; therefore you need to talk to your partner about what they like when it comes to oral sex. Although these tips may help, they are not the solution for everyone. By talking to your partner, you can create a better orgasm.

Like most forms of sexual activity, oral sex can pose a risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases. However, the transmission risk for oral sex, especially HIV transmission, is significantly lower than for vaginal or anal sex. Either way you it, please protect yourself.

So, as you can see sex can be so many things. We are all human beings, we are equal (or should be), and we all have ways of finding and acting on certain pleasures. There is no right and no wrong to sex, just a diversity pool of pleasures. The more open-minded we are to sex the more we are going to learn about it throughout the rest of our lives, but remember safety first.

Happy Pleasuring! ❤


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