The Wonder Woman in all of us

Dawn Trottier

Over the decades, we have all had our superheroes and mentors to help in guiding our success. When Wonder Woman appeared on television back in the day, she was a woman of all traits–lady by day and superhero when needed. I could always count on her in my time of need. Wonder Woman has, in fact, inspired many generations to gather, to innovate, to inspire, and to be themselves. In the last four decades she has changed in shape and form to inspire the next generations. Her red, white and blue outfit is full of patriotism, and in this we see our country.

I was thinking the other day about what made her so powerful; was it the head gear, the bracelets, the rope or the invisible airplane? It was none of that. It was simply the idea of who she is and what she does as a woman and as a superhero. I became aware that I was labeling and placing value on what could be. I started to realize I could become my own wonder woman. I have traveled to many places, not in an invisible plane, although it would have been nice. I can think ahead and plan, so there is my telepathic power. I could even be truthful and get the true out of people, so there is my magical lasso. I can even reflect the hard bullets of life when they appear. All that I am missing is the red, white and blue–oh wait, I am a veteran. I did serve my country. If wonder woman is an idea, then the logical conclusion is: I might have some of her in myself.

Wonder Woman has inspired many women, whether at work, home or play. Many feminist look to her as going above and beyond the call of duty, and for the most part it is true. Women carry very heavy loads in many cases. At times, it takes a lot to stay true to themselves, to be brave and to manage the unthinkable. As a student and woman, I can understand the hardships and the undertakings of simply living your life. Managing life and keeping your chin up can be frighting, however, I have found that it is all worth it. Inspiration comes in many forms and those forms can take shape. Believe in yourself, and if you are having a hard time, come by the Women’s Center on Campus. The Women’s Center’s doors are always open, and we love to support you in all your endeavors. The innate abilities that we women share can lead to many possibilities, and those possibilities can lead to our fulfillment. So let’s innovate, create, and inspire. We can be our own wonder women; we just need to believe that we can. Remember, we are never alone. We can endure, for we have Wonder Woman and her way of life.



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