Think ahead and be prepared, non-trads.

Dawn Trottier

There are many opportunities out there, and sometimes the balance of academia and home life is overwhelming. In your UI experience, one of the most import items is funding. The U of I has many avenues, and after doing some homework I have found that many non-traditional students worry about funding for the following semester. Finding funding is a daunting task for anyone, and it will take time. So, to help my fellow students, here is a list of resources that may help in your endeavors as students—and help ease that worry.

On Campus, we have a friendly group located in the SUB; if you haven’t been there, please stop by the Financial Aid wing and they can help you. If you have questions, just ask—they would be more than happy to help you in your search. If you need help in updating your resumé, you might want to check into Career Center, located on the 3rd Floor in the Commons; they also have resources that would be useful in your search, and they can help in finding jobs and internships directly in your field of study. Next week, a Career Fair will be happening on campus, and now would be a good time to that resumé into shape.

In the state of Idaho, we have the Department of Education located in Boise, which lists some resources for you—with a little digging and creative thinking, some funding may be found for your needs. I have found that while on the hunt, I always look for the deadlines and due dates for the grants and scholarships.

Resources are hard to find, and sometimes all that rummaging around leads in the wrong direction. One helpful site on educational scholarships is “6 things you didn’t know about” In the 101 Grants tab on the same website, located on the left side of page, you will find a list of 101 grants that are available for the non-traditional student.

I have found that website to be useful for many things and I have helped many students with it. This site is easy to use and directs you right to the scholarships, so be prepared. I have this one bookmarked on my laptop for easy reference.

Another resource I have found over the years in getting connected to other non-traditional students and/or associations, and the best so far, is the ANTSHE. This association is free to non-traditional students and it has helpful insights for the non-traditional student. It is run by non-trads and is set up to help you be successful in your endeavors as a student. You can also write and be published in their peer journal. In the College Grant Database is free monies, the database is secure and popups will not hit you as much when applying for the dollars that we all seek as students.

I hope this short list of possibilities will get you started in thinking about furthering education and strengthen your foothold in this wonder of a world we call academia. I hope this finds you in good spirits and projects you in the right direction. See you on campus, ciao.


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