What’s In Our Feed

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VICTORY! Trans* folks are now protected under EEOC laws!

And… Cassidy Lynn Campbell, a trans high school student, was crowned homecoming queen. Sadly her joy was short lived as bullies did all they could to harass her.

In light of last week’s Take Back the Night event, I thought I would link to a great Ted Talk by Jason Katz. He speaks about how rape and sexual violence is a men’s issue and how we need to reframe the issue.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘Rape Culture’, check out Melissa McEwan’s amazing post. 

A Dozen Lady Superhero’s redesigned by Celeste Pille.

Often when fat folks mention the oppression they feel and the level of fat shaming they experience they are told “thin people suffer just as much”. The reality is that fat and thin folks may both experience awful treatment but the privilege of thin folks is real. Take this test to see fat shaming in action.


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