Wait for the One

Lauren Sanders

He says he’s the one

Not like no one else I will find

As I’m standing here in this crowd

All I can see is his mouth

I’ve heard this shit before

And I think

Should I slide down this pole?

Get up on another dick and do my little white girl dance?

I’m a fine ass woman and he’s a fine ass talker

Meaning he only talks to women who have something to offer

With no intention other than to prosper

Off of this girl who has taken her heart out of the hurt locker

So girl I suggest you keep on moving like his lips do so well

It’s no shocker he’s a veteran at this game

You can tell he doesn’t even bother to save your number under the right name

Listen my dear sister, lady, friend, save your money and time on a man who doesn’t treat your heart like a scam

But wants to write your name next to his in the sand

and can see farther than up your skirt

and wants to place you in the stars

Cause when he’s strokin’ he won’t be jokin’

Or treat you like a token

He will take what is broken and go deep to mend

Create peace within

For this is a fine ass man

No others can stand in his presence

Cause this is no on the fence kind of feelings

Now I ask you

Can you respect this fine ass man and step away from the boy who only wants to treat you like a fuck friend?


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