What’s In Our Feed

My Body Gallery – could be trigger for those with eating disorders. BUT it does show real images of real women of various sizes. You can also read stories about how women have decided to love their body regardless of what it looks like. There is also a men’s page for men who have image issues.

Why People Hate Skyler White The actress, Anna Gunn, who portrays Skyler White in Breaking Bad, talks about her experience playing a strong, ill-treated woman and how people have responded to that character. Many folks have referred to Skyler as a “ball-and-chain, a drag, a shrew, an ‘annoying bitch wife’”. All because she doesn’t like that her husband is cooking meth and killing people for a living. Gunn does a great job deconstructing the misogyny and hypocrisy in this ‘Skyler Hate’.

Gendering Disability is a great piece about disability and gender and how they intersect. The author addresses the way in which people who have invisible disabilities or are women with disabilities are treated differently than men.

A rapist is given paternity rights to his victim’s child. Boston has a problem and the author provides an overview of the awful situation that a young woman is in now. Raped at 14, she became pregnant and kept the baby. Now the courts want to sentence the rapist to a situation that requires her to a multi-decade long connection to the rapist that she doesn’t want.

And just for fun…. Check out this video by P!nk. It is a great way to lift your spirits and take pride in who you are. Raise your Glass!


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